Open Mouthed

September 26, 2012

Brandon’s session was full of open mouth, gummy smiles! He was just as happy as could be, smiling and laughing. Of course, along with those open mouths came lots of drool!

Brandon’s gummy smiles and drool are a sign that the teeth are coming! This meant that shortly after we started the session, everything started going in his mouth. From his hands, to his toys, to his sleeves, to his hat, to his upper lip. If it was available, it went in his mouth. (He even went so far as to pull his arm out of his sleeve, so he could stick his sleeve in his mouth.)

Just Pretending

February 20, 2012

Getting Brandon to fall asleep was a bit of a challenge! At three weeks old, he’s a few weeks older than the newborns I typically work with, and after that challenge, I am reminded why!

You wouldn’t think that there would be that much difference in just a few weeks, but the differences are noticeable. Brandon was more alert, with squinty, open eyes. His arms and legs moved a lot more, squirming and working! Little noises or movements, even the camera clicks, would make him stir. Even his sleep mode wasn’t as deep as it is with a brand new newborn.

When it came time to sleep, we filled the belly, wrapped him up, sat by the space heater, ran the white noise and, after some trial and error, determined that he really liked a small vibration movement. Just when I was convinced he was asleep, I’d start to move and get ready to put him in position. His eyes would fly open, he’d look right at me and say, “I don’t think so! I faked you out!” He was quite the little stinker…forcing us to start the whole process over again…but, against his best attempts, I won out!