Storing Your Work of Art

February 25, 2011

Following up on the previous post…What happens to the portraits that come down when the new portraits go up?

Our Memory Boxes and Keepsake Albums are perfect for safely storing the portraits that come out of the frames. Over the years, the collection of portraits will expand and the story they tell of your kiddos changing and growing will be told.

In the example shown in the previous post, the six outer edge portraits are mounted, so they will be stored in a personalized Memory Boxes.

While, the two inner portraits are Classic, unmounted portraits, and therefore can be easily slipped into a Keepsake Albums.

A Work of Art

February 23, 2011

Have you been consistently capturing images of your children over the years as they grow and change? Has your collection of portraits, collages and art work filled your walls and become a shrine to your children? I want to take a moment to say, “I love you!”

I completely believe in capturing your children every year in photos. When you look back at them over the years, you will never believe how much they actually changed. It’s hard for you to see, because you see them every day and the changes are small, but those small changes quickly add up. Watch as your babies grow into toddlers, your toddlers grow into little people, your little people grow into sassy preteens, your preteens grow into know it all teens and your teens, they grow into adults, right before our very eyes!

An idea for displaying your portraits with limited wall space is to create a collection that can be rotated and changed out. Select a favorite wall, measure it and bring the specifications to me, we will work together to figure out a combination that will look perfect on your wall.

We can select different sizes while mixing and matching from different sessions. The initial investment will include the frames for each portrait, but going forward, you can just bring the frames back to me and I will switch out the portraits. Making your wall a fun, creative, always changing work of art!

No Fear

December 19, 2010

I think, as Brendan gets a bit older and more mobile, we may be seeing quite a few bumps and bruises. He has no fear or hesitation!

I put him in my big blue chair and, after hanging out for a few seconds, his first plan was to try and get out of the chair…head first! No worries, we caught him!

He thinks standing is pretty fun, but he hasn’t quite mastered it yet. So he’d either grin like crazy till we helped him stand up, or he’d wrangle himself in position and pull himself up. He stand there for a short while and then just decide to let go. At which point, he immediately fell into a sit…it’s a good thing he had some padding on that tush because he went down hard. But that never stopped him, he was on repeat and try again mode! He may have this standing thing down before we know it!


November 19, 2010

These two squirts were full of energy the morning of their session! It was happy energy, but it was boundless!

I really did feel like I was on a movie set. Daddy would put Brendan in place, Taryn would be ready to go, there’d be a momentary pause and then it was like someone said “Action!” and off they went!

Add to that, Taryn’s very truthful remarks, fabulous story telling abilities and Brendan’s crazy, big smiles and we had a fun, but crazy, morning!


February 22, 2010

Baby Brendan!

Big Man!

February 22, 2010

Brendan deserves the title big man for many reasons!

First, he was born weighing in at 9 lbs and 1 ounce with a short length of just 19 inches. I guess you know where that means all the weight goes…that’s right…in the thighs! They’re great thighs…rolls and all!!

Second, he’s only seven days old and he’s already holding his head up. I know, I know, crazy talk, but really! I put him on his belly and up popped that head, strong neck and everything. Yes, it was only for five or six seconds, but he had total control over it for the whole time. He was so proud of himself that he just kept doing it over and over. Totally un-newborn like!

Third, he rolled over! Okay, so not a completely flat on the back flip over to belly, but I definitely had him on his tummy and, just like that, he was on his back. It freaked me out a few times, because I was sure he was going to roll right off the bean bag. Someone needs to tell Brendan that it is okay to be a baby for a while!

Last, but not least, he was very laid back and relaxed for the entire LONG session! He only fussed for a minute or two twice, and even those fusses were minor. He just went with the flow! He did try to stay awake for the entire session, but he learned his lesson…I always win!