Never A Dull Moment

September 1, 2011

With three year old Broc, there is never a dull moment. If he’s not asking you a question, then he’s telling you a story. If he’s not telling you a story, then there’s something he wants to show you. If he’s not talking, then he’s running. If he’s not running, then he’s jumping.

Broc talked my ear off the entire session! There were moments where I was left thinking, when are you going to take a breath?

I can only imagine how exhausted Mommy is at the end of the day…especially with the addition of a new baby brother!

Funny Faces

July 30, 2008

When Broc was born he was 8 lbs 8 ounces, so you can imagine his chunky size at eight weeks! I love all his chub! During his entire session he was making funny faces. He has found his tongue and loves to play with it, which results in many weird mouth positions. All of his faces are so adorable and fun to capture!