The Trio

April 15, 2013

Caleb, Noah and Brooke were quite the trio!

Brooke never stopped talking, and within a few minutes of being in the studio had already spilled the beans about her brother’s girlfriend. I’m sure if I had asked additional questions, many of her brother’s secrets would have been shared! Brooke definitely enjoys being a star and being the only sister!

Noah would have rather been anywhere else! Getting his photograph taken and snuggling with his siblings…not at the top of his list. Although, at sixteen years old, I can’t imagine any guy who would put that at the top of their list. Despite his reluctance, he survived the session and even flashed a few smiles.

Caleb will be graduating from high school this year, attending two proms and doing it all with a smile and a laugh! It is beyond obvious that Caleb adores his siblings, and loves nothing more than to smother them with love, make them laugh and just make sure they are close by and happy! Snuggling and giving kisses was not a challenge for Caleb!