Welcomed With Open Arms

June 20, 2011

Lydia is loved and adored! Big brother, Camden, is already attentive, loving, sweet and gentle towards her…well, as much as a two year old can be! Camden can’t pronounce Lydia, so he affectionately calls her Lydie. He’s sure to tell you when she’s crying, and he’s great at giving hugs and kisses.

As long as she’s being cuddled in close, Lydia is a relaxed and laid back little lady. Now put her down, and she might have a few words to say to you, but that was okay…having Mommy hold her was exactly what we needed!

Loving Nana

June 19, 2011

Camden’s Nana came to his portrait session to be an extra pair of hands…which turned out to be a great thing! Camden’s Mommy was busy feeding new baby sister, Camden wanted Daddy right by his side and Nana…she was the cool Nana!

Nana was great at making Camden laugh and smile. All he had to do was look at her and a big smile burst across his face.

Thanks for all your help, Nana!

Baby Surprise

May 24, 2011

Not only did Mommy & Daddy wait to find out if they were having a boy or a girl with baby number two, (which, by the way, turned out to be a girl!) but Mommy also had me do a session with her, big brother Camden and baby belly number two as a surprise for Daddy! Mommy looked so radiant with her maternity glow, that I know Daddy’s going to love having these special memories of Mommy and her two babies!

It took a little coaxing to get almost two year old Camden to hug and kiss Mommy’s belly, but after a few bribes, some silliness and smiles, we captured a few precious moments!

No Stopping!

June 23, 2010

The theme for my one year old sessions these days has been speed!! Camden was no different! If you put him down on the ground, he was off and running! The problem was, it didn’t matter if he was walking or crawling, he was never looking up; he was always looking down or away. Which meant Mommy, Daddy and I had to be very creative with trying to capture his attention in the two seconds it took to put him on the floor and then watch him blur by!

Despite the need for speed, he was Mister Happy! Smiling and laughing for the majority of his session, resulting in some great expressions!

About the only time, we got Camden to stop in one place was when we brought out his birthday cake…and even that didn’t last very long!

The Year of Newborns

December 21, 2009

I was working on organizing some of my favorite images of the year when it occurred to me that I photographed quite a few new little ones this year. So, we looked it up – I photographed 14 newborns this year!

Though you have to have a vast amount of patience and time to photograph newborns, it is one of my most favorite ages. They are just so tiny, precious and moldable!

Each one of my little ones is amazing and unique. Some have hair, even very dark hair, and some have no hair. Some arrive all chunky and pudgy, while others are skinny and scrawny. Some are obsessed with having their hands by their faces, while others are more relaxed and sprawled out.

Of course, almost every one of them “marks their territory” in my studio! (Usually in more ways than one!)

In the end, we end up with adorable images of these teeny, tiny creatures.

I can’t wait to watch and capture all of them as they grow and change! I have the best “job” in the entire world!

Smirky, Smirk!

December 16, 2009

Camden is working on his first two teeth! As they always do, his new teeth are giving him some pain. In response, he has adopted the smirky smirk! He sucks on his bottom lip and pulls his mouth tight, creating his new smirk. I’m pretty sure he’s using his bottom lip as a good chew toy to gnaw on those swollen gums.

Though I love the smirk, and think it’s adorable, we wanted to have a wide variety of expressions for his six month session. Which meant we all had to work very hard to get Camden to abandon the smirk and pull out his modelesque expressions!

No Sleep For Camden

July 15, 2009

Camden may have walked in the door asleep, but once naked, and exposed to the world, he was wide awake. Mommy worked very hard to get him to fall back asleep and she succeeded! However, once Daddy touched him he was wide awake! It worked out perfectly, we were able to get sleeping images with Mommy and blue eyed images with Daddy!

I think Camden may take the award for the most blow outs in a session! I’m even convinced that he was playing us. As soon as we took the towel away, out it came! Put the towel up, nothing. Take the towel away, explosion! I know on the inside he was just laughing hysterically at us!

Despite not loving being naked, he pulled through like a champion and gave us some adorable images!