Mister Flirt

October 17, 2013

Charlie is working on perfecting his flirt ability! Right now, he’ll glance at me, start to give me a little smirk, then quickly turn his head or look down and bust out with a big smile. Unfortunately, he’s so quick with the look away that capturing “the flirt” is basically impossible. That didn’t stop me from capturing smiles, serious looks and even a few pre-flirt expressions!

I’m sure the next time I see him, he’ll have his “flirt” down perfectly! Charlie’s definitely going to be a lady charmer!

The Studier

July 16, 2013

Little Charlie was interested in everything around him…except Mommy and me! His toes were intriguing, and figuring out how to get them into his mouth is definitely something he spends lots of time thinking about. Tugging and pulling the blanket into his mouth was a must! Studying his hands, and figuring out how his tongue works requires daily practice.

However, when we could convince Charlie that we were interesting, he would look up at us and flash us big open mouth grins. When he wasn’t studying, inspecting or grinning, he was talking. Charlie is a chatterbox! He’s full of useful and important information, and he wants to make sure you know it all! (I’m sure it’s mostly about his feet, the blanket and his hands…but it’s all very important!)

Tiny Baby Parts

April 18, 2013

One of my favorite things about photographing newborn babies is the chance to capture all their teeny, tiny little parts! Every detail, from their fingernails, to their fuzzy ears, to their sweet lips is amazing…and tiny! They don’t stay tiny for long and, within a couple of weeks, the fuzz will disappear, their fingernails will need trimming, their eyelashes will start to grow and those teeny tiny parts will start to turn into baby chub! Not that there’s anything wrong with baby chub. I do love squishy, chubby baby parts as well, but it’s just not the same as those brand new, teeny, tiny baby parts!

Snowstorm Baby

March 18, 2013

(Not in the way you’re thinking!)

The night of the second February 2013 snowstorm was the night baby Charlie decided it was time to arrive. He was a couple of weeks early, but he wasn’t going to wait one more minute. At least he let Mommy know early enough that she was able to get to the hospital before any of the storm had really started.

For a guy born in the middle of winter and snow, you would think he would have packed on a few more pounds of fat before arriving…but no, he weighed in at just 7 lbs 2 ounces! He’s definitely a teeny little guy…with little features…from his cute little nose, to his tiny eyelashes! We were blessed by lots of good sleep the day of his session, giving me the opportunity to capture all those little features. But, the best images are the ones in Daddy’s hands. He looks like the tiny little guy he is!

Of course, we couldn’t leave out big brother! Joey was quite excited to introduce me to his little Charlie and even excited to take a few photos…but just a few. At four years old, he has many activities that demand his attention!