A Little Teasing

November 7, 2013

Cooper arrived at his session a little unsure, but as soon as we broke out the treats, he was ready to stand at attention. Okay, maybe not! There’s not much of a stay bone in Cooper’s body! He loved the treats and would follow them wherever they went, but there wasn’t much standing at attention. It was more of a “catch me if you can” philosophy.

With a little help from Mommy, we would get Cooper into place and then, with certain words, I could get him to look right at the camera. So, yes, that’s where the teasing came into place. “Coopie, go for a ride.” “Cooper, want a treat.” “Coopie, go for a puppy walk.” Cooper would flip that head right at me and stare me down!

Of course, it wasn’t until we mentioned the word “Jeff” (ie. Daddy) that Cooper got upset about the teasing. It was all fun and games until we hinted that Daddy might be here, and he wasn’t!

Sorry for the teasing, Coopie…but it paid off…and you got quite a few treats in exchange!