Conversations & Stories

December 12, 2012

I love it when the kids I have been photographing for many years start to reach ages where we can have conversations and they can tell me stories. It’s fun to see their creative minds working, and to see the uniqueness that is within us all.

Ardyn and Eli were full of stories the day of their sessions. Ardyn’s stories were about princesses and the color pink. Eli’s stories were about music, farms and trains.

Even the way they answer my questions gives me insight into their minds and their way of thinking. I ask the question, “Which is better, a lion or a bear”. Ardyn’s answer, “A tiger!” Well of course, why didn’t I think of that?!? I ask Eli what his favorite food is, “Peanut butter and jelly.” Of course! What did he have for breakfast…peanut butter waffles. I think I have found a peanut butter lover!

It’s fun to just go with the flow, feed off of the stories they tell and ask probing questions, and really just let them be them!

Does anyone else see a mini Starla and a mini Kendall?!?

The Entertainment

October 20, 2011

There are many reasons why I love photographing kids, but one of my greatest enjoyments of the session has to be the entertainment value. If you just sit back and let a kid be a kid, they will do and say some of the most unique things! You can ask questions to guide them into an area of conversation, but then you just have to sit back and listen. There are certain topics that will get them uber animated, and there are other topics that they could care less about. It’s all about what’s important to them in the moment.

Mommy and I had many laughs during Eli & Ardyn’s session. Whether it was listening to Ardyn describe what her teacher looks like, from the human skin to the curly hair, or hearing Eli describe everything as being the color orange. (They were headed to the pumpkin patch that afternoon, and orange, happy pumpkins were on his mind!)

Together, Eli & Ardyn will feed off of each other, elevating their silliness to great heights, but alone they’re just as entertaining. At times, they definitely enjoy having their own spot light!

From One Extreme to the Other

November 4, 2010

Eli and Ardyn can be so super sweet, flashing those big eyes at you with quiet and sweet expressions and the next moment they are wild and crazy, falling on the floor, spinning and doing cheerleading yells!

They are always good about keeping me on my toes, making sure I get a good workout from their session! Though, I will say, now that they’re five, lifting them off the floor as dead weight is not quite as easy as it used to be!

We talked about a lot of different things, but I think what they were most excited about was their Halloween costumes. Ardyn said she was going to be Princess Tiana and Eli, he’s going to be an elephant…and he has the elephant speak down perfectly!

No More Teddy!

February 4, 2010

Ardyn & Eli have been coming to see me since they were 18 months old. At their 18 month session, I brought out a teddy bear in an attempt to get participation from Ardyn. Ever since then, Ardyn has remembered exactly where Teddy is kept and will not participate unless she is clinging on to Teddy with all her might. Teddy made an appearance in their family portrait at age two, he got hugs and kisses at age three…even if you can’t see him, he’s there somewhere!

This year, for their four year session, I was determined to keep Teddy hidden. I went so far as to remove the cabinet where Teddy lives from the room. Wouldn’t you know, Ardyn did not even ask for him! She was all about performing for the camera – from spinning, to cheesing, to striking poses. It was the Ardyn show!

Of course, wouldn’t you know, Teddy has been replaced by Blanket. Eli did not have the best of mornings, and was not into the session like his sister was. So, to get participation from him, out came his favorite blanket. Every once in a while, we were able to get it away from him, but for the most part, just like the Teddy, it is in there somewhere!

Eli definitely wanted to challenge me that morning, but we pushed through, and blanket or no blanket, we still captured some adorable images with some great Eli expressions!

Tough Cookies

October 1, 2008

Ardyn and Eli always like to challenge me! The day that their session runs flawless, will be the day that mommy, daddy and I go out to celebrate! They are not bad kids, they are just very independent, determined and head strong. Not to mention that there are two of them, and they are usually not doing the same thing.

This year we distracted Eli with bubbles! He thought they were very cool and was quite entertained with them.

Ardyn has an obsession with my teddy bears. According to mom and dad, this is the only time she has any interest in teddy bears, but that doesn’t make her obsession any less. We tried this year to not give her a bear, but she wasn’t having it. So, Teddy, will again be making an appearance in Ardyn’s portraits.

Mass Chaos!

February 19, 2008

There are no other words to describe two-year-old twins Eli & Ardyn’s portrait session. Mommy, Daddy and I couldn’t help but just laugh – if we didn’t laugh and go with the flow, we would have been pulling our hair out in utter frustration! One of them would start crying which would set the other one off. One would run around like crazy, and the other would want to follow. I’ve learned with two year olds, you just go with the flow. Don’t fight it, just run with it. Even if "it" can run two different directions!

Double the Trouble!

June 19, 2007

A high energy, excited 18 month old…times two! Their session was definitely crazy, but how it could it not have been…there were two of them, going completely different directions! Mommy and Daddy definitely have to stay on their toes to keep up with these two.

I do love how their different personalities come out in their images. Eli’s sweet and reserved demeanor, and Ardyn’s full of energy and active personality.

The world had better watch out for these two!