A “Mini” Senior Session

October 21, 2013

Ellen, with her jean jacket, her cute skirt and sassy boots, posing on the truck, looked just like one of my high school seniors! Of course, even mentioning the thought of high school senior portraits about made Mommy lose her mind! Luckily, she has nine more years before she has to worry about that!

But since the whole scene looked just like a senior session to me, I just had to keep going. We did some in front of the barn. Ellen sat on the rock pile. She even had a chance to kneel in the “weeds”. We mixed in some serious expressions with the smiles, capturing all sides of Ellen.

All in all Mommy and Daddy are going to have a lot of images to go through…just like a senior session!

Last Time

October 25, 2012

This will be the last time I photograph Ellen with little front teeth! Ellen has lost the two bottom middle teeth, and a top tooth is loose and almost ready to come out. It’s the only time we wish she’d tripped and knocked out her tooth the day before her session! (Of course, not really, although it would have been fun to have a big gaping hole in her smile!)

The next time I see Ellen, I imagine both top teeth will have been lost and replaced by brand new, big adult teeth! As always, it will be a new look…I can’t wait to see it!

In the meantime, I will enjoy her smile…full of teeny tiny teeth!

Have a Little Wind

October 17, 2011

As usual, Kansas weather and I can never see eye to eye. On the days when I have no outdoor sessions scheduled, the weather will be absolutely perfect. On days when I have outdoor sessions, there will be multiple weather issues – If it’s not rain, then it’s 30 mph winds. If it’s not wind, then it’s 30 degree temperatures. If it’s not cold, then it’s overcast and hazy. I just never seem able to get those perfect days.

Which means, we just have to make it work! The day of Ellen’s session, the temperatures were perfect, there was no rain in the air, the leaves were beautiful…but the clouds were blowing in with 25 mile an hour winds! Standing out in the elements, our hair was just whipping around our faces. Luckily, we were able to find a few spots where the was a bit of a barricade and the wind was a little calmer.

Ellen didn’t mind, either way! Windy or calm she was smiling like a pro!

Bock Bock Chicken

October 18, 2010

That quickly became Ellen’s favorite thing to say during her session. I made the mistake of asking her what a chicken said, and some how, that turned into an entire session talking about chickens! We told chicken jokes. Ellen tried to tell me her favorite food was chicken and that she had a pet chicken. The answer to every question was chicken! All the while, she kept repeating over and over and over “Bock, Bock Chicken”. She even got the flapping arms going at one point. It was quite the production!


September 10, 2009

Miss Ellen Grace cracked me up during her entire session! She loves to make jokes and to say funny things. She was full of great smiles, but also tons of funny faces. Her most memorable move is her “sassy”. Mommy and Daddy said she does her sassy all the time, when she doesn’t get her way. Her hands go on her hips, her lips pout out and and you hear a humph! It’s hilarious! She knows sassy well!

There Are No Filters…

August 11, 2008

…when it comes to kids and what they will say! They aren’t trying to be mean or bad, they just speak what’s on their mind, without really understanding what they are saying.

Miss Ellen came in for her three year session, and during this time she said a few things that completely cracked me up. We were talking about how old she was, and I said that three is old. She said "No. It’s not." So, I asked her if Daddy was old. She replied with a "no". I asked if Mommy was old, and she replied with a "yes." I asked if I was old, and she again replied with a "yes." Neither Mommy or I are very old, so I’m not sure where she got that crazy idea!

Then we were talking about animal sounds, and I asked her what sound a frog makes. Evidently, I had already asked that one, because she told me "you already said that one." I don’t think there was going to be any humoring me. She was going to tell me exactly how it was!

The Many Expressions of Two!

September 18, 2007

Miss Ellen just turned the great age of 2! There is no slowing down with a two year old. She wanted to run, she wanted to dance, she wanted to jump, she was all over the place! Wouldn’t it be nice if we could bottle that energy!

She also LOVES to talk! She repeats everything you say, and says fun things like, "I hold you." There was never a dull moment during her session!