Big Versus Small

December 31, 2013

I got a big kick out of photographing Jaeger and Enye, mostly because, in my head, I was comparing them to my three rug rats! Jaeger and Enye are obviously quite a bit larger than Joey, Pebbles and Bruiser. But yet, their presence is so much quieter, softer and gentler. I’m sure there are times when they rough house and play and even bark, but during their session, it was almost like quiet time.

Their Mom spoke in a quiet, yet firm voice. They lightly walked around the studio, and at times Enye even had a little prance to her step. There was exploring and sniffing, but all done at a reasonable speed. They came up and checked me out, but no pushing, no shoving. A few kisses to the hand and then they moved on.

My three, they bark! They come running into a room full speed, announcing their presence! They do everything they can to make sure you notice them and pay attention to them. It’s a completely different world!