January 22, 2008

Faith is such a sweet, laid back baby! She just takes everything as it comes. Whether it’s mommy cleaning her face, or pulling a very tight sweater over her head, she waits patiently. Mommy always gets rewarded with lots of hugs and snuggles from Miss Faith!

Even with her birthday cake, she took it all in stride. She was very determined to eat all that she could, but just one bite at a time. There was no craziness involved. Just a very methodical approach, from cake to mouth, look around, make sure no one’s going to take it away, and then from cake to mouth again!

Much Improved

November 11, 2007

Compared to Faith’s six month session, her nine month session was a breeze! Things did not go very well during her six month session. It was nap time and she was hungry. She wanted to do nothing, but be held and cuddled! Her nine month session – she was a performer – hamming it up for the camera, showing off those big smiles!

Double Thumbing

August 5, 2007

Mommy & I were not sure what was wrong, all we know is Miss Faith was not having a good day. Maybe she was tired, maybe she was teething, maybe she didn’t like sharing the spotlight with her brother! What we do know, is when you’re upset the best thing to do – Double Thumbs!

We were still able to capture some sweet big blue eyed images, of both Faith and her big brother, Jake!

Hey Miss Blue Eyes!

April 17, 2007


February 17, 2007

How come boys always have the best eyelashes?

Dad’s Little Princess

February 13, 2007