Having Fun

July 24, 2012

Grace and I always have a lot of fun at her annual sessions. She likes to pretend that she doesn’t want her photo taken and that it’s such a drag to brush her hair and put on new clothes. But, as soon as it’s just her and I in the studio, a switch is flipped and, before I know it, I have a performer on my hands!

She loves making different faces, and moving her head from side to side. Almost every click of the camera results in a different look! She also knows that the minute she tucks her hair behind her ears, I’m going to pull it right back out. I know she does it just to pester me. It’s just one of the many games we play!

I’m notorious for acting goofy and weird, meaning it doesn’t take much of goofy me before she’s busting into smiles and giggles! Of course, that also just means that she acts goofy back. Before you know it, we’re both laughing, smiling and having fun!

Crazy, Fun & Silly

July 28, 2011

I think Grace’s goal, for this year’s portrait session, was to see how silly she could be. The more crazy she became, the more funny she thought she was. Everything from trying to slowly inch her way closer and closer to the camera, to striking some crazy poses and even naming a fly, spending the entire session trying to catch him. She entertained herself the entire session!

My goal was to just capture each moment, from the sassy smirks, to the toothless smiles, to the crinkle nose laughs! Every expression was truly just Grace being Grace!

Designer Art

May 9, 2011

I know having available wall space is always a concern when trying to plan out ways to display your favorite images! I have come up with a perfect solution…our new Designer Art!

It’s a great new way to display multiple images, but not take up a lot of wall space! They’re even perfect for odd shaped walls or small, “I could never hang something there” spaces!

The Designer Art consists of four or six 6×6 Designer Canvas Wraps. The can be hung in a straight line, either vertically or horizontally or they can be hung in a shape, a diamond, a square, a rectangle…the options are endless!

A Bed Head Success!

April 17, 2011

Our Bed Head Kids event turned out to be a perfect Sunday! The temperatures were nice and, even though there was a period of grey skies and some crazy wind, everyone made it into the studio safe, sound and dry!

We had a variety of participants…including a rock star, a soccer player, a monkey, a princess, and a even a fireman, just to name a few. Everyone was dressed in their best, with the necessary accessories, and even a little hair color dye!

It was fun to let them all be loose and goofy! I got roared at 100 times. I danced like a monkey. But best of all, I had fun! There were tons of laughs, smiles and fun kid poses!

I hope these images put smiles on your faces!

Super Soccer Star Grace

Madison the Rock Star (or Justin Bieber Fan!)

Silly Monkey Boy Dominic

Tough & Sassy Gal Sophia

Garrett the Jokester!

Izzy the Angel of the Rainbow

The Strong & Silent Fireman, Gabe

ROARRRR! It’s Matthew the Friendly Dragon!

Princess Abby is Ready for Her Wedding Day

For Reagan it’s All About the Accessories


Pink, Pink & More Pink for Princess Abby

Holiday Time

October 14, 2010

For her holiday cards this year, Grace is modeling some of her Mommy’s very own creations! Grace’s Mommy owns and operates Sunflower Creations. Not only is she the lady behind our awesome frame bags and our embroidered logo burp cloths, but she creates lots of other fun stuff for kids and babies of all ages!

Grace fell asleep in the car on the way to the studio, and had to be woken up when they pulled into the driveway. This meant that the Grace that walked in the door was definitely the bah-hum-bug Grace! Luckily, with a little bit of persuasion and some serious tickling, we brought Grace out of her funk, and she was ready to strike her poses! The Grace that left the studio was definitely on Santa’s Good List!

Steppin’ Up!

September 26, 2010

I first have to say a huge thank you to everyone who joined us at the Step Up for Down Syndrome Walk this past Saturday! For our second year of hosting our own team, I could not be more proud! We had a cool two dozen walk participations…that’s right, 24 awesome folks walked with the Photography by Brandi team to help us promote awareness and acceptance of people with Down syndrome.

Not only that, but as a team, between registration and donations, we raised $2,030…you rock team!

The day could not have started out more perfect! Blue skies, no wind, nice temperatures! Though, the clouds to the West seemed ominous, and everyone wondered if rain was on it’s way, we stayed nice and dry. The sun was in and out a little bit, but the wind stayed mild, with just a nice breeze to keep us cool.

There was ice cream to be eaten. Popsicles to be devoured. Hamburgers, brats, fruit and chips to fill up bellies! Rock walls were climbed. Bouncers were conquered. Success was seen at the bean bag toss, when it wasn’t being used as a lounger!?! Fun, smiles and laughing were in abundance!

Yes, that’s me with my Starbucks. Thank you Tracy!! That definitely helped with the 5 AM wake up…to be out the door by o’dark thirty!

During the one mile stroll around Arrowhead, Tanner kept our team moving! He held onto our banner and marched us straight ahead. Setting a great pace that kept even the adults moving!

Of course, about half way through, Tanner felt that he had successfully led his team to victory and it was time for a victory nap!

Lily made it the entire mile with only her two little feet and lots of adult encouragement!

Riah got to ride on Daddy’s shoulders more than once!

Baby Liam even joined in the walk! Though I think he had the best deal. He successfully slept through all the noise and excitement of the walk, while being carried by Mommy!

I could not have asked for a better day, a better group of people surrounding me or a better organization to be supporting! Thank you to everyone!!

Rather Be On a Horse

August 3, 2010

Ask Grace almost any question, from “What do you want to be when you grow up?” to “What’s your favorite animal?” and the answer you’ll receive will most certainly have something to do with being a cowgirl! Grace is in love with anything related to horses!

Luckily, Grace has a friend who owns horses, so she gets to visit them frequently! From what I hear, she’s very helpful; walking them, feeding them and brushing them. If it has to do with horses, she’s all about it.

If Grace had her own horse, it would be a white female horse named Blue Jeans! Someday, Gracey, someday!!

She’s a Pro!

July 28, 2009

Miss Grace is a pro when it comes to portrait sessions! I have been photographing her since she was in her Mommy’s belly. This year, she turned five years old! It is so crazy for me to think of this little itty bitty tiny baby that fit into Daddy’s arms perfectly, and now she’s this grown up, big girl who remembers everything I say and do!

From the minute she walked in the door, she was ready to perform! She had the smile ready, knew what I was going to say to make her laugh and was mimicking every move I made! When we changed clothes to go outside, she was practically out the door and running to the bench before I could say stop. Even though we used the bench last year, she wanted to use it again. Grace is all about consistency! If we spun last year, then we have to spin this year, etc!

We had a great time! We were both just laid back, easy going ladies!

Non-Stop Talker

July 27, 2008

Sometimes it takes kids a little while to warm up when they first arrive for their session. I usually start off with a bunch of questions, getting them to talk about themselves, and help them come out of their shell.

This was not a problem with Miss Grace at all! Of course, it probably helps that I have photographed her since she was inside her mommy’s belly, so she knows me very well.

I still asked her questions, but the funny thing was that she ignored every question I asked, and came up with her own topics to discuss. It cracked me up! It didn’t matter what question I asked, she completely changed the subject, and talked about something different.

It’s okay, though, because we still came up with some great images!


October 26, 2007

Bring out the camera and Miss Grace turns into a goof! According to mom, I make funny faces when I’m behind the camera! My answer, of course, is “What else is supposed to make you smile, but my silly face!” It definitely worked with Grace and her family.

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