Had A Blast

June 18, 2013

I always have so much fun in the studio with Hayden and Hannah. We have a comfortable relationship that has grown over the eight years I have been photographing them.

They’re almost like my little brother and sister. We pick on each other. We tell stories. We tickle. They laugh at my jokes, and “get” my sense of humor!

We always get to spend time catching up on what’s happened in the year since I last saw them.

Hayden’s played touch football, went to basketball camp, swims on the swim team, enjoys math and social studies, and has lost eight teeth!

Hannah graduated Kindergarten and turned six years old! She loves dance and just finished her dance recital, including three different dances, cartwheels, ballet, hip hop and jazz! She’s a lover of everything pink and glittery!

Going Outdoors

June 13, 2012

I have been photographing Hayden & Hannah since they were newborns. Although we have tried to venture outside in the past, something has always come up, from storms to sick kiddos to car accidents, always preventing us from making it outside.

This year we were actually successful and ended up getting through an entire session outdoors! Of course, wouldn’t you know, the clouds rolled in and the rain threatened, and about an hour after they had pulled away, the rain came pouring down!

However, being outdoors totally threw Hannah off her game. She couldn’t understand why we were outside, and wanted to know when we were going to go inside to take photos. Even after we finished up and came inside to regroup, she was ready to work it for the camera inside. We’ve definitely created an in-studio model! (Of course, after having deal with the bugs, who can blame her!)

He’s A First Grader Now

June 14, 2011

One of the first things that Hayden announced to me was that he is no longer a Kindergartener, he is now a First Grader!

They grow up so quickly. I think watching and documenting kids makes time seem like it flies by even faster. The first time I photographed Hayden, he was a teeny, tiny newborn. Now, he’s a big first grader. He plays baseball. He knows every professional sports team out there. He knows who won the Super Bowl. He’s not a teeny, tiny baby any more!

Of course, this little first grader is not slowing down…he’s already looking forward to college and beyond. He said he either wants to go to Ohio State or KU, he hasn’t decided yet. As of right now, he wants to be a policeman when he grows up.

Sibling Love

June 28, 2010

Just because I couldn’t go without sharing some images of these two adorable cuties together…a little bit of Hayden and Hannah–sibling love!

Aren’t they just so cute?

Jayhawks or Tennessee??

May 26, 2010

Hayden comes from a split home, one parent is a Wildcat and the other is a Jayhawk! When Hayden was 9 months old, we did a fair split and photographed him in both school colors. This year, for his five year session, he wanted to do his Jayhawk jersey with his basketball!

To start off the session, I asked Hayden about Rock Chalk and he immediately responded with “No, Tennessee!” “Tennessee, what!?!” He just cracked up laughing, and kept repeating over and over “Tennessee, Tennessee.” Even going so far as to flash me a T with his hands!

So after the session, I asked Mommy about it; she had no idea! She’s never heard him talk about Tennessee before. He’s a total sports fanatic – he told me about football, basketball, soccer, tennis, golf, volleyball, tball, baseball, etc – she thinks he must have picked up Tennessee somewhere along the way!

I don’t care, whatever it takes! He can say “Tennessee” as often as he wants if he’s going to flash me those adorable grins and giggles!

Squirmy Wormy?!?

May 13, 2009

Since we had Hayden and Hannah’s sessions together this time, I was hoping for an extremely cooperative four year old Hayden. I knew we would have an independent two year old Hannah on our hands. Extremely cooperative was not quite what we ended up with!

Don’t get me wrong, Hayden did do a good job. I can’t forget that he is a boy, and boys have a very hard time holding still. Hayden definitely fits into that boy mold. I don’t think he ever stopped moving! Either his head was bobbing, his hips were turning or his knees were bending. It didn’t matter which body part it was…it was moving!

The part that makes me laugh was when Hannah was running around like a crazy girl. Hayden announced that, “Hannah is a squirmy wormy!” This cracked me up, because those were the exact words I would have used to describe Hayden with his ants in his pants!

Not Today!

March 28, 2008

Hannah was not interested in sharing the spotlight with her older brother, Hayden. Any time we put them near each other Hannah would burst into tears. She wanted to have photos of only herself! Despite Hannah’s preference, we captured some cute images of them together and separate.

Check out these adorable images, they both have the same crooked smirk!