Pushing Through

July 18, 2009

Poor baby Bella. She came all the way from Indiana to celebrate her one year session, and then she didn’t feel well! We’re not sure if it was just her teeth that were bothering her, or if she was coming down with a cold. She just wasn’t having a good day.

That’s the only bad thing about having an out of town photographer…there’s not a lot of options for rescheduling. So we pushed through, taking lots of cuddle, snack and blankie breaks! In the end we captured some adorable images of Bella and her big blue eyes!

Running Faucet

December 20, 2008

Around the six month age, babies are usually drooling up a storm. I lovingly like to refer to them as “leaky faucets” because, every once in a while, there will just be drool dripping from their mouths.

Well, Miss Bella traveled from Indiana to see me, and I don’t know if it’s an “Indiana thing”, but Bella’s drool just kept coming and coming. There’s was no leak, it was a constant stream! Mommy and I had to just keep wiping it away. Sometimes drool can be cute in photographs, but only when it’s a little drop, not a constant flow.

That didn’t stop us for capturing Bella’s sweet, happy nature. She thought we were just the greatest thing, and could not help but smile at us!


May 21, 2008

Isabella must like daddy’s deep voice, because, while daddy was holding her, she kept doing these adorable grins! Typically a grin on a newborn baby means watch out below, something’s coming! But not with Isabella, her grins just meant she was happy!

Isabella put up with a lot from us the day of her session. Her bracelet kept falling off or sliding up her arm, so we’d pull it down. Her bow kept getting turned wrong or pushed her ears down, so we’d have to fiddle with it! Through it all she was a trooper! She’d fuss a little bit, but then settle right down and be ready to model.

Doesn’t she look like she’s going to be cooking up some trouble?