Bottled Energy

June 12, 2012

I know I’ve said it before, but it’s worth repeating. Someone needs to figure out how to bottle the energy of little boys and girls…they would make a killing! I could totally see adding a squirt of kiddo energy to my coffee every morning!

Jack was no different! He goes 100 miles an hour, he can switch directions, activities, even topics of conversation, on a dime and for the most part he’s smiling and happy the entire time!

I think once baby sister, Elisabeth, starts moving, Mommy is going to be needing her coffee/caffeine in an IV drip to keep up with these two energetic kiddos. Elisabeth’s smiles, happy disposition and curiosity give me the impression that she’s going to be working hard to keep up with her Big Bro!

Not So Sure

June 23, 2010

At first, Jack was not so sure about being at the studio. Within two minutes of coming through the door, he was already saying bye-bye and wanting to be outside. Not totally surprising, given that Jack has just turned two, and like all two year olds, he has a mind of his own!

Mommy and I worked patiently but diligently, and, with the additional tools of Goldfish crackers and a sucker, we turned him around! He was smiling and posing like a professional!

The one thing that got Jack super excited was counting. He is an expert at counting to three, and with a little bit of prompting he can make it all the way to 10. Though counting to 10 is impressive, the celebration and excitement of getting to three is just priceless!!

One Year!

May 26, 2009

Through the months of April & May, I have purchased eight one year birthday cakes! I’ve had cake on the floor, cake on the wall, cake on me – pretty much anywhere you can think of, there has been cake!

I love doing the birthday cake at age one, because every kid reacts completely different. Sometimes they gobble it up, sometimes they are very serious and methodical, sometimes they destroy it without ever eating a bite and sometimes they want nothing to do with it!

Jack fell into the last category. He stuck his hands in it and found it to be very interesting. He gradually brought his hand up to his mouth and tried some frosting…which he immediately tried to spit out. He was not a fan! We tried to get him to eat a little bit more, and little by little he would try some, but it just wasn’t for him!

Not to worry, before we brought out the birthday cake, he had been hamming it up for the camera! Living the good life of being a model!! He was showing off his new walking skills, and talking it up with those two little teeth of his!


November 12, 2008

Jack wanted me to meet his three older, hairier siblings – so he brought them along for a fun, yet challenging portrait session. It doesn't matter how well behaved puppy dogs are – they are just like two year olds. There is very little chance that they are going to sit still and let you photograph them! Luckily Jack was happy as could be, and only being six months old, he's not going anywhere! With a little bit of wrangling, (a lot of hair!) and some luck, we captured Jack with his favorite four-legged (and two-legged) family!

Chunky Monkey

August 13, 2008

I’m sure you know that I LOVE chubby babies! They are just so cute and squeezable! Jack was no different. At just over two months, he’s weighing in around 12-13 pounds. You can certainly tell just by looking at his cute double chin, chunky thighs and rolly arms. He displays his chub proudly!

Jack was very interested in where I was and where the camera was. His eyes followed me all around, whether I was standing above him or to the side, he could find me! Which resulted in some great images showing off his big, blue eyes. It did make it difficult to capture different angles of him, but as always, we made it work!