Made Me Smile

February 16, 2012

My session with Jackson was most entertaining. He loved answering questions and telling me stories. We talked about his favorite animals – whales, his favorite bugs – lady bugs (he hates spiders because they’ll bite you and web you!), his favorite food – chicken nuggets and much, much more. He definitely talked my ear off!

But, my favorite part would be when he’d get real quiet. He’d look at me with his big blue eyes and a small smirk on his face. The smirk would slowly get bigger and bigger. At which point I would flash him a big smile and he’d bust out with his big adorable grin and even throw in a giggle or two!

What’s a Rooster Say?

October 15, 2009

Jackson may only be two, but he’s got his colors and his animal sounds down. He can tell you what he had for lunch, and if you point at something, he can tell you what it is. He’s in love with his truck and trains, and will tell you all about them. All in all, he can keep you entertained for hours.

My favorite thing he did during his session was his cock-a-doddle-do. Daddy said, “Jackson, what’s a rooster say?” and out he belts with this perfect cock-a-doodle-do! It was hilarious, and sounded SO real!

Jackson was all about flashing his adorable smile and big blue eyes my way!

The Whole Cake

October 8, 2008

Jackson did not mess around when it came to his first birthday cake. He checked it out, chewed on the candle a little bit, squished some frosting in his hand, and then went to town! At one point, he picked up the entire cake and squished it against himself. Although huge handfuls of cake went towards his mouth, not very much made it into his mouth. But that didn't stop him from trying!


April 16, 2008

Jackson loves to hear himself scream! During his entire session, high pitched screams came from his little body. The louder the scream the more excited it made him!

Telling Some Secrets…

Up, Up and Away! I love when babies start flying…how they can just balance on their bellies is amazing to me.

Showing mommy some love, while not losing his model-like posing.

Pooping Machine!

October 8, 2007

It’s amazing how something so small can squirt out that much poop! Poor dad, by the time the session was over, he had been squirted on at least half a dozen times! Even with all the excitement, Jackson remained the angelic model! Posing for the camera whenever possible.

This is the adorable face Jackson was making as he was "squirting" all over daddy!