Big Versus Small

December 31, 2013

I got a big kick out of photographing Jaeger and Enye, mostly because, in my head, I was comparing them to my three rug rats! Jaeger and Enye are obviously quite a bit larger than Joey, Pebbles and Bruiser. But yet, their presence is so much quieter, softer and gentler. I’m sure there are times when they rough house and play and even bark, but during their session, it was almost like quiet time.

Their Mom spoke in a quiet, yet firm voice. They lightly walked around the studio, and at times Enye even had a little prance to her step. There was exploring and sniffing, but all done at a reasonable speed. They came up and checked me out, but no pushing, no shoving. A few kisses to the hand and then they moved on.

My three, they bark! They come running into a room full speed, announcing their presence! They do everything they can to make sure you notice them and pay attention to them. It’s a completely different world!

A Pair

June 5, 2011

Though there’s a ten year age span between Greta and Jaeger, they are definitely a pair! Greta is the older, wiser one at fourteen. While Jaeger is the younger, more energetic one at four. Greta keeps Jaeger in line, but Jaeger’s always got Greta in his sight and on his mind.

It took Greta some extra time to get into a sit on the ground, but once she was there, she was working the camera. She gave a few humphs and whines, just to let us know that she was the one in charge, but that didn’t stop her from flashing me those big, beautiful eyes.

Greta is a retired search and rescue dog, while Jaeger is currently a working search and rescue man! This was obvious while watching both of them interact with Mommy. Mommy has spent hours and hours working with them and training them, and they watch her every move.

Greta’s at the point where she chooses what commands to listen to and which ones not to listen to, but Jaeger was very attentive and knew where Momma was at all times. I did get Jaeger to break his attention when I made my high pitched, weird noises…but it was just for a second!

All in all, it was a very fun and successful session!