You’re Silly

November 19, 2013

This was Joey’s favorite thing to say to me…and surprisingly not the first time I’ve heard it from one of my little clients! When working with children, of all ages, I tend to act a bit goofy.

If I’m relaxed, then they relax and give me natural smiles. I make funny faces, say funny one liners and just let loose…which gets me the “You’re Silly” comment.

I always roll with it and become even more silly! That turns on the cheese ball smiles and the scrunchy noses…two things Joey is the master of!

So really, who’s the silly one?!?

Snowstorm Baby

March 18, 2013

(Not in the way you’re thinking!)

The night of the second February 2013 snowstorm was the night baby Charlie decided it was time to arrive. He was a couple of weeks early, but he wasn’t going to wait one more minute. At least he let Mommy know early enough that she was able to get to the hospital before any of the storm had really started.

For a guy born in the middle of winter and snow, you would think he would have packed on a few more pounds of fat before arriving…but no, he weighed in at just 7 lbs 2 ounces! He’s definitely a teeny little guy…with little features…from his cute little nose, to his tiny eyelashes! We were blessed by lots of good sleep the day of his session, giving me the opportunity to capture all those little features. But, the best images are the ones in Daddy’s hands. He looks like the tiny little guy he is!

Of course, we couldn’t leave out big brother! Joey was quite excited to introduce me to his little Charlie and even excited to take a few photos…but just a few. At four years old, he has many activities that demand his attention!

Fish, Kitty & Deer, Oh My!

December 13, 2012

From the second Joey bounded out of his car and exclaimed, “Momma, fish!” I don’t think he stopped talking! I’m not even sure he stopped to take breaths. Sometimes he was telling stories and sometimes he was answering questions, but usually he was in his own little Joey world of imagination.

Joey’s an animal lover, so it was perfection when the session started by seeing the fish. Then Treat, the kitty, introduced herself to Joey, and, while we were getting primped and ready to start, four or five deer ran by the studio windows. Of course, we also spend a good part of the session talking about my Joey, since they share the same name. This also meant we had to talk about Joey’s black puppy dog, Coopey, and how he chases the squirrels and tries to eat Joey’s food.

All in all it was an animal filled session!

Talking, Talking

December 16, 2011

At three years old, Joey is a talker! He loves to talk about anything and everything…we talked about Santa, Halloween, animals, dinosaurs, tractors, puppies, airplanes, football and even lizards…just to name a few!

If you ask him the right questions, he gets really excited and the stories just explode out of him! The best part is when you ask him a question that he has to think about, the faces he makes as he’s thinking are adorable…from scrunched up noses to staring off into space.

He definitely knows how to keep the entertainment flowing!