From Zero to Sixty

August 19, 2013

Kathryn started her three year session out with a big fat no! She had no interest in being anywhere near the camera, with Mommy, by herself, in a different outfit, it didn’t matter…according to Kathryn, it just wasn’t going to happen!

Until I offered her a lollipop. Just the promise of the lollipop got her closer to the camera. Then we started making faces at each other, from silly to mad to serious to sad…all of a sudden Kathryn was having fun!

She would not take her eyes off the camera. I’m not sure if she thought it might come alive and attack her if she looked away, but I didn’t care. It was great eye contact, combined with a big smile, that makes for a successful session!

Two Year Olds

September 21, 2012

I always tell parents that two year old sessions are hit or miss. You never know until the moment the session starts if you’re going to have a shy two year old, an uncooperative two year old, a happy two year old or a two-going-on-sixteen year old! And really, there’s nothing that can prepare you or forewarn you, two year olds have minds of their own!

Mommy was happily surprised, when two year old Kathryn turned on the charm for the camera! Mommy was expecting a shy, uncooperative little girl based on past performances and Kathryn’s tendency to not appreciate having her photo taken.

It took Kathryn a little while to warm up, but after some snuggle time with Mommy, some peek-a-boo playing with me, a little patty cake and wheels on the bus, Kathryn was hamming it up for the camera. From smiles to surprise faces, she was working it!

Tongue Time

July 22, 2011

Kathryn is a bit tongue obsessed…she uses her tongue to express many things. When she’s thinking hard, or studying something, she sticks out her tongue. When she’s focusing on trying to do something, like pulling up or sitting down, there’s just a hint of tongue. When she’s excited, her mouth is wide open and her tongue is on full display!

If you want to know Kathryn’s state of mind, check out her tongue!

No Naked

March 23, 2011

At seven months old, Kathryn is already running the show! She started her session off with smiles and happiness…staring down the camera with those big blue eyes…really working it!

Unfortunately, the lack of an afternoon nap and some new teeth trying to poke through, meant that we were slowly going to lose her.

First it start out as a little whimper when we put her on her belly. Then it was a few grimaced faces. Then, we made her naked and that’s when the big tears started. This created a never ending cycle! Kathryn would stop crying, but we’d need to wipe her face because of tears, snot and drool, but when we wiped her face, she’d just start crying again. Miss Kathryn was definitely working us!

Kathryn and her modesty won! No fully naked images of Kathryn to use as blackmail down the road!

High Pitched

December 17, 2010

Wowsers! I can confidently say I have never had a baby who can reach as high or as loud of an octave as Kathryn can. Here’s this little baby, with her big blue eyes and adorable grins. You would never be able to imagine the screams or the squeals that she can produce. I know it’s not the response she’s going for, but it actually makes me laugh, because it’s just so unexpected.

She started her session off flashing adorable expressions, smirky grins and open mouth smiles. Unfortunately, she quickly decided she was quite hungry, at which point I got to hear the high pitched screaming. Then the eye rubbing started…at that point we knew she was done!


August 25, 2010

Mommy warned me right at the beginning, Kathryn is not a girly crier, she’s a screamer. Wow, Mommy wasn’t kidding. I have never heard a sound so loud come out of something so tiny! There were no whimpers or girly cries. It was full out, two year old, tantrum screaming! (I’m afraid to hear what she sounds like when she really is two!)

Unfortunately, we determined that every time we laid Kathryn down on her back or held her in a cradle, she brought out the scream. As long as Kathryn was on her side or her stomach, she was willing to work with me. But, if I just kind of rolled her on to her back, just a teeny bit, she’d squirm around, pop those eyes open and let out a good scream…definitely pointed in my direction.

But, every scream was worth it. I look at these images and I forget all about the scream. She looks so peaceful and content.