Too Easy

November 4, 2013

Landon is at that perfect stage where all I have to do is look at him and he starts laughing! It’s almost too easy to capture smiles and giggles and laughter.

The challenge comes when trying to get the more serious, calm expressions. Those require quiet and relaxed moments, neither of which happen very much when it comes to Landon. But no worries, in between giggles and laughter, I was able to capture a few closed mouth, quiet Landon moments!

Funny Faces

November 8, 2012

One of my favorite ways to end a session is to have the kids make faces, from sad to happy to laughing to silly. It’s always fun to see what they come up with.

Landon had entertained me during his entire session with an array of faces, from squinty eyes to open mouth grins to crazy tongues. I wasn’t sure how many more unique expressions he would be able to come up with. But, when he flashed me his sad face and then his mean face and then his happy face, I just started laughing and could not stop! It was the perfect end to a fun and silly session!

Playing Games & Bribing

November 9, 2011

When you have a two year old who is very determined and strong willed, you will do almost anything to get a little cooperation out of them. That usually means modesty goes out the window…I’ve been known to sing (no I can’t carry a tune), shake my booty (yeah, no coordination there either), make crazy animal sounds, play games and even break out the bribes!

To get Landon to cooperate, I quickly realized I was going to have to pull out the big guns. We played a little peek-a-boo to get him comfortable. Then we played a little game involving poking Landon in his belly button…which he found to be quite hilarious and entertaining. Lastly, when nothing else would work, I broke out his favorite candy…M&Ms. Boy, did those stop him in his tracks. “Please” became his word of choice.

Once outside, the only thing that made Landon pause was “breaking” and throwing leaves. He had an absolute blast crushing the leaves into teeny tiny pieces and spreading them all over the ground.

It was definitely a constant game playing, bribe giving session!


November 8, 2010

When Landon was born, he had a little bit of hair. Most of it was in the back, with a teeny bit on top. Though light in color, it definitely had a red cast to it. At last year’s holiday session, he still had just a hint of it, but it seemed to be retaining it’s red color.

I was very interested to see what it was going to look like when he arrived for this year’s holiday session. I was pleasantly surprised at how much it had grown and become even more red in color! Those crazy red curls are just adorable, and seem to fit his on the go personality perfectly!

The Year of Newborns

December 21, 2009

I was working on organizing some of my favorite images of the year when it occurred to me that I photographed quite a few new little ones this year. So, we looked it up – I photographed 14 newborns this year!

Though you have to have a vast amount of patience and time to photograph newborns, it is one of my most favorite ages. They are just so tiny, precious and moldable!

Each one of my little ones is amazing and unique. Some have hair, even very dark hair, and some have no hair. Some arrive all chunky and pudgy, while others are skinny and scrawny. Some are obsessed with having their hands by their faces, while others are more relaxed and sprawled out.

Of course, almost every one of them “marks their territory” in my studio! (Usually in more ways than one!)

In the end, we end up with adorable images of these teeny, tiny creatures.

I can’t wait to watch and capture all of them as they grow and change! I have the best “job” in the entire world!

In Two Months

November 21, 2009

In just two months, Landon went from being a long, skinny one month old to a chunky, round faced three month old. It always amazes me how fast they grow and change. It’s like you barely blink and they’ve grown some more!

Of course, my favorite thing about Landon is his hair. By looking at his images, you would think he just has a tiny bit of hair on the top of his head. But, NO! He has a ton of hair, but it’s all on the back, lower half part of his head! I call it his old man “do”. Not only is there a lot of it, buts it’s completely auburn tinted, natural highlights and all!

Considering Landon had croup for the entire week before his session, he was a rock star! Barely even letting out a whimper, he was definitely showing off those gummy smiles!


September 23, 2009

Looking at this little nine pound cutie, you would never imagine the noises that come out of him. During his entire session, he never stopped grunting, squeaking, sighing, and cooing. Even when he feel asleep, the noises just kept coming. I couldn’t help but giggle and laugh at him. The volume of noises that came out of that little bitty body just crack me up!

I wonder if he’s going to be a talker when he grows up, or if he’s getting it all out now and will be the strong silent type? I guess we shall see!