Three Years Old

July 31, 2013

Is always a fun time to do a session! They’re still at that little kid, everything is fun and silly age. They’ll give you nice smiles, silly smiles, goofy expressions and they laugh…a lot!

Princess Lauren’s three year session was exactly that! Lots of cheesy smiles, sweet smiles, silly faces and giggles! It was Lauren just being Lauren!

Lauren is in love with the Princesses, so we had to get a photo with her and her favorite princesses. If I asked about the princesses, Lauren was quick to include Cinderella in her story…telling me more than once that she was her favorite. For her birthday, Cinderella made an appearance…I can’t even begin to imagine the joy that Lauren felt when Cinderella walked in the door!

Ah, the pure joy of being three…there’s nothing better!

Bows, Ruffles, Pearls & Boas

July 20, 2011

Lauren may not have a lot of hair to show off her feminine ways, but Mommy made sure she had lots of girly accessories to accent her adorable figure! Of course, Lauren quickly pulled off many of the accessories, from the bows to the pearls…if she could grab them, off they came!

Along with those girly accessories, came some girly spunk! We saw every emotion there was to see at her session, from happy and excited, to mad and upset, to tired and full of attitude!

A Girl and Her Monkey

May 3, 2011

Lauren’s monkey, named Georgina by big brother Clayton, is as big as Lauren! Lauren doesn’t care, she thinks her monkey is fantastic!

You bring out Miss Pink Georgina and Lauren starts bubbling over with excitement! Her legs start going and her arms start waving! Whether Monkey is playing peek-a-boo, or giving Lauren kisses, Lauren is thrilled by it all!


February 15, 2011

Little Lady L adores her big brother Clayton. Everywhere he goes, her eyes follow. It was very handy that Clayton’s school was canceled on the day of Lauren’s session. That meant Clayton was able to accompany his little sister and even share the spotlight with her.

I don’t know if you’ll get him to admit it, because he’s beginning that independent boy stage, but Clayton adores his little sister just as much as she adores him!


December 12, 2010

I’m not sure where Lauren’s trying to get to, but she’s sure going to try! At four months old, Lauren is already a squirmy wormy! Lay her on her back and she will arch, wiggle and squirm her way down. Her hands and feet move constantly, sometimes pushing, sometimes pulling.

Lauren is not a huge fan of her belly, which may be a blessing. I think if she spent much time on her belly, she’d be army crawling in no time! I expect our future sessions are going to include lots of chasing!!

Petite Little Lady

July 27, 2010

Little Miss Lauren came in the door all snug and secure in her car seat. Just by looking at all the padding Mommy and Daddy had placed around her to hold her in place, I could tell that she was teeny tiny. She was born weighing 6 lbs 1 ounce and, though she left the hospital under six pounds, Mommy’s pretty sure she’s already rebounded up into the sixes again! At the rate she eats, I wouldn’t be surprised!

Not only is she small in size, but all her features are perfectly petite and tiny! She has these tiny, almost non-existent eyelashes. She has these little lips that she uses quite a bit to make very entertaining faces. Even down to her tiny fingers and toes, the first thoughts that come to mind are petite.

It will be fun to see how she grows and changes!

Big Brother

June 17, 2010

Clayton is super excited to be a big brother! He told me that next month, on July 8th, they’re going to take his baby sister out of his Mommy’s belly and he’s going to welcome her with kisses and hugs!

Not that she doesn’t already get lots of hugs and kisses from big brother Clayton. Just from the short time they were with me for their session, I saw lots of spoiling going on!

I know Mommy doesn’t feel this way, but I just couldn’t get over how tiny she is! Definitely all that’s in there is little miss baby sister! I’m with Clayton, I can’t wait to meet her!