Full of Love

September 4, 2013

Not only is Lila a happy, smiley kiddo…she is a lover! Ask her about Daddy and she announces, “I love him!” Ask her about her puppy dog, and she says, “I love Annie.” Ask her about her friends at school and she’s quick to tell me about her boyfriend and how much she loves him! Even her special lovie, Lambie…he got a big squeeze and an “I love him!” exclamation as well!

Lila is headed to Kindergarten this year, and although she’s excited, she knows that means she will need to make new friends. I’m pretty sure this smiley, happy little lady will have no problems meeting new people and making new friends. After all, she has a lot of love to share!

Giggle Box

August 3, 2012

From the moment Lila walked in the door, she was giggling! Luckily, as the session progressed, the giggling calmed down a little bit, so I was able to capture some sweet, serious images of her. But the beginning of the session was definitely full of laughs, smiles and giggles.

When she really started giggling, I though she sounded just like Woody Woodpecker. The sad part is, she probably has no idea who that is!

Any time the answer to one of my questions was no, Lila couldn’t stick with just the word no. She always had to answer with, “No Way, Jose!” This just made me laugh, which meant more giggles from Lila!

The Lollipop Bribe

September 20, 2011

Whenever I have a little one who is just very unsure about having their photo taken, I resort to the lollipop bribe. It works almost every time! Although, every once in awhile, I come across a kid who is not a fan of lollipops, but those are few and far between.

Some kids will hold the lollipop, some will lick it to death, some will share with Mommy & Daddy (great for taking big bites and making it disappear), and some eat it all themselves.

Lila was a first for me. Lila almost didn’t care about the lollipop at all once she had it, but the idea of getting the lollipop…oh, that was fantastic! The first one, she licked about five times and gave it back to Mommy. The second one, she waited patiently while Daddy “tried” so hard to get it open…meanwhile, my shutter finger is clicking like crazy. She gave it a few licks, and wanted to pick out the third one herself.

It was definitely a unique strategy, and yes, we opened three lollipops…but it was worth it!

A Blur

August 11, 2010

To truly show you what Lila’s session was like, I would just have to show you an image of a big blur! I don’t think two year old Lila stopped to take a breath once! She was jumping, dancing, running, rolling, climbing…it didn’t matter as long as she was moving!

I am so completely jealous of all the energy! Where does it come from? I would love to have even a quarter of it! Not to mention, the extreme happiness that goes along with it. As long as we weren’t distracting her, and just letting Lila be Lila, she was all grins and smiles, so happy to be full speed ahead!

Expression Queen

August 30, 2009

Lila was hilarious at her one year session. She was pulling out the expressions right and left! She had a variety of smiles, from big grins to small smirks, she had her frustration look, she had her serious look and then she had her crazy excited looks. She just got so excited, her arms would shoot out, her face would scrunch up and she would celebrate!

Smiley Lila!

February 26, 2009

From the moment she came in the door, Lila was full of smiles. Small, smirkey smiles and big, gummy smiles. It didn’t make any difference to her, she just wanted to express her joy! Though not proficient at sitting or tummy time yet, Lila has the standing thing down! With a little assistance from mommy, she is standing proud and tall!

Silly Baby

November 28, 2008

Lila started off as happy as could be – eyes wide open, staring right at the camera! But about half way through, she decided, wait "I don't like this naked thing!" So she started fussing, though I did get to hear some real cries, she also had a lot of fake cries! The fake cries were completely cracking us up, they were so petite and sporadic, completely different than her real cry. With a little bit of work, a blanket to cover her up, a binky for her to suck on and perfect timing, we got through the naked baby "crisis."