Three Busy Bees

February 24, 2012

Photographing these three siblings was definitely exhausting, but the whole family was so sweet and full of joy it was hard not to smile, even after they had walked out the door!

The boys kept me on my toes, trying to keep them talking and laughing, so I wasn’t getting forced cheesy and vampire smiles. We had fun telling jokes, talking about girlfriends, discussing gross boy things, like boogers and farts, and even a little sports and Super Bowl talk! Between their silly faces, serious faces and awesome smiles, I just couldn’t stop photographing their adorable expressions!

Miss Lydia made us work hard for her smiles, but when she flashed them her bright eyes shone and her pearly whites sparkled! Even her serious, thinking faces were sweet and precious!

Hopefully we wore everyone out and Mommy and Daddy got a good night sleep!