No Complaints

August 13, 2012

During Logan’s senior session, the thermometer actually read 106 degrees. Of course, we spent half of our time inside, but we had Logan dressed in a sweatshirt and jeans. So, even though I had the AC cranking, I’m pretty sure Logan was being kept nice and warm by his sweatshirt.

Then we ventured outside, where I had Logan roaming all over our acreage, sitting, standing and crouching in different areas. I usually kept Logan in the shade, but without much of a breeze, I wouldn’t say the shade was exactly cool.

However, throughout the entire session, I never heard one complaint from Logan! He was an awesome sport: trying everything I asked of him, folding his 6 foot 3 inch body into sitting positions on the ground, sitting on a not so comfortable pile of rocks, crouching in the weeds – he was up for any and all requests!