Holding Still!

May 10, 2012

Spring time always means First Communion time. For Madeleine, her First Communion session replaced her normal annual birthday session. We celebrated her eighth birthday and her First Communion at the same time.

I’ve been photographing Mad for quite a few years now, and normally she comes out to the studio, gets to wear an outfit that she likes and gets to act a little unruly and a little crazy, all while I’m snapping photos, chatting with her and she’s smiling up a storm.

Unfortunately, that is not quite how her First Communion session went. She had to hold still and stand just right. If she wiggled or slouched, her special necklace would end up hiding behind her dress. If she swayed, her rosary turned backwards and swayed with her.

It was quite the test of patience on her part, and although we had a few moments of complaints, she toughed it out and worked through it!

The Sideways Look

February 11, 2011

The last couple of years, Madeleine’s sessions have always presented me with the “poser” challenge. Being seven years old (or last year, six), she knows what “poses” look the best. When the camera comes out, she turns them on!

Last year, it was the over cocked neck and the squinty eyes, with the big toothy grin. This year, it was the sideways look.

At first, Madeleine did the typical kid behavior where, if the camera comes up, they go completely still and quit talking, forcing a smile across their face. It took us awhile to warm up and work out of that stage. But, slowly she was getting into her story telling, laughing and giggling right along with me.

That didn’t mean the posing was left behind. She would take some direction from me when her poses got too out of control. But she always came back to the turn your body and head to the side and then look back at the camera out of the corner of your eyes…most frequently with a smirky grin on her face! I’d photograph her look and then she’d be ready to move on to the next. It was quite the entertaining session!

Rock Star

February 25, 2010

In celebration of turning six years old, Madeleine got to wear her “rock star” outfit for her session! Complete with the sassy, black, knee high boots!

Madeleine is at the stage where everything is a dramatic pose! With every click of the camera she was twisting her body, tilting her head, squinting her eyes…doing everything she thinks makes a great photo. This results in a great challenge for me. I have to keep her talking, moving, relaxing and out of those extreme poses.

Of course, in line with her rock star outfit, I even let her have some fun with posing, and boy was she striking them right and left. But in the end, I ended up with the best ones…the ones that show her beauty, her uniqueness and Maddie as a six year old!

Blooper Reel

January 30, 2010

I couldn’t resist…I had to post the bloopers from our family craziness session!

In the middle of the session, AJ figured out how to take his arm out of his sweater. He completely cracked himself up, and the girls were more than entertained by his new found talent!

The Poser, The Rock Star & The Blur!

Family Craziness

January 30, 2010

In my head, as I was preparing for the family session, I figured my biggest challenge was going to be little man, AJ. He is 16 months old and should be at that stage where he does not want to hold still and it can be difficult to keep his attention. Boy was I wrong!

AJ was a rock star! He was smiling and giggling, sitting in place and looking at the camera. I could not have asked for anything better from him.

Now, his two sisters on the other hand, that was a different story. I can assure you that I was exhausted by the time they walked out the door. Gabriella, the middle kiddo, would not hold still for anything. She turned, she twirled, her dress was up, her dress was down, and she refused to look at me. She would always look just to the side of me.

Madeleine, the oldest, is in that stage where she thinks she knows what looks good. It’s a painful, forced, unnatural smile along with an awkwardly cocked head. I had to work super hard to get her relaxed and natural looking.

We take all that, the rock star, the blur, and the poser and put them all together, and what do we get…pure craziness! But, with a little bit of magic, lots of patience, and many, many clicks…it all came together!


March 25, 2009

Madeleine does not have a pause button! Mommy and Daddy left us alone in the studio so we could have a one on one photo session, which was great! But the minute they left the room, Madeleine just started talking and talking. I heard about the St. Patrick’s Day parade, a trip to Disney World, the Disney World parade, an upcoming trip to Disneyland, Santa Claus, her birthday, her sister’s timeout, her tennis lessons, her gymnastics lessons, the list goes on and on! Only when she’d pause, to take a breath, or think about something, was I able to capture an image where her mouth wasn’t open talking!

It was awesome that she was so comfortable with me, I really got to see the true Madeleine. I just had to keep on my toes to capture images that reflect Madeleine and her personality!

Mass Chaos

November 23, 2008

That's the only word to describe the Sage Family when they arrived at the studio for a portrait session. With three kiddos four and under, they walk in with bags of clothes, hair bows, diaper bags and all the works to get everyone looking their best! Unfortunately, as much as you wish it was a perfectly oiled machine with kiddos listening and behaving, it just never goes that way. From kids rolling on the ground to standing on the couch, you just have to move fast to keep up with everyone!

However, it doesn't matter how much chaos there is, it never stops us from getting very cute images of these adorable kiddos!

Little Man

August 28, 2008

AJ was born weighing 5 lbs 7 ounces, and came home from the hospital at 5 lbs. Just a few days later he was ready for his newborn session! Mommy and Daddy brought him into the studio, and I couldn’t believe how little he was. So little and so cute! He has this great hair – it’s not black, which is the newborn baby norm, but instead it’s this soft shade of brown with some natural highlights. It’s so cute!

Look at the size of AJ’s foot compared to daddy’s thumb….amazing!

He was a trooper, putting up with all the chaos that two older sisters bring!

Hard Headed

August 14, 2008

Mommy had warned me that youngest daughter, Gabriella, was a bit hard headed and liked to do her own thing. She wasn’t kidding! Gabriella wanted nothing to do with taking photos with mommy’s belly. She always wanted to be three to five feet away, doing her own thing. She’d flash me a great smile and a fun expression, but she wasn’t in the photo.

With lots of bribing, tricking and even some begging, we got everyone in the same photo!

Meanwhile, big sister Madeleine did awesome! It is so hard to behave and cooperate, when little sister is doing her own thing, but Maddie stuck it out and pulled through for us!

Little brother is in for a treat with two, fun loving sisters!