All Dressed Up

January 8, 2014

Drake, Malia and Pierce arrived at their portrait session dressed in their finest! From bow ties, to tulle, to vests and jackets…they looked smashingly fabulous!

As nice as it is to think that they got all fancy just for me, the outfits (and the kids) traveled to New York City right before Christmas. So, their stylish clothes got to attend the Christmas Rockettes show and see the town…in addition to a little time in front of my camera!

The Book

August 3, 2011

The Book is a contemporary album ideal for milestone birthdays, high school graduation or your family portrait session.

The Book Features:
- 8×8 Size
- 10 Pages (20 Sides)
- Hardcover Featuring a Full Page Image
- Thick Sturdy Pages
- Hinged Bound
- Lays Flat When Open
- Flush Mount (No Gutter Space Between Left & Right Side)
- 25-30 Images

Princess for a Day

April 7, 2011

Normally, Malia has to share photo day with her big brother and little brother, but this day it was all about her! Malia was helping me create some new portraits to update our display at A Fairytale Ballet/The Princess Club.

A Fairytale Ballet is a fun place for children to find their love of dance, cultivate and grow their creative spirit, imagination and love of adventure.

Malia’s very own Princess Photo Day, was very much in the spirit of fun, imagination and adventure! Malia’s Mommy painted her toenails and fingernails. She styled her hair with princess curls and a Cinderella up do. Malia got to dress up in her colorful ballet leotard and tutu and got to wear her Cinderella dress, complete with wand!!

Princess Malia then charmed the camera with her big blue eyes, her serious smirks and her adorable smiles!

Always Entertaining

December 15, 2010

When you get more than one kid into a small space, all dressed up in their dresses and their button down shirts and then want to get them to snuggle in close for family and sibling photos, it’s always going to be an entertaining experience! Every time it’s different. No family and no combination of kids is the same.

For this session, two year old Pierce was keeping me on my toes! First, he only wanted to cling to Mommy and refused to be held by anyone else. Then, he announced that he was done. He just kept trying to throw us curve balls and we just kept sending them back! No matter what he tried, we still got through it…all of it…family, siblings and Pierce alone!

On the other hand, I had older siblings, Drake and Malia, who were such great big helpers and almost too well behaved…yes, I just said that out loud! We had to say funny things and play silly games to get big smiles out of them. But, it worked, I even captured Drake’s gappy smile!

Very Attentive!

January 8, 2009

Baby Pierce could not have it better…he has two extremely attentive older siblings! Drake and Malia adore their little baby brother and could not love him more. Which is SO awesome, but not necessarily so helpful when you’re trying to capture a sleeping, peaceful baby. Lots of little hands are immediately there to help soothe baby Pierce when he cries. They are there to help get him out of his car seat and they are even there to help change clothes and diapers. I can definitely say Mommy has two great helpers, and Pierce is going to be living the high life for awhile!

My Mommy!

November 19, 2007

We were having an awesome session, UNTIL we photographed brother Drake and Mommy together! Little sister Malia had a meltdown! She’s very protective of her mommy and nobody but Malia gets to be with her except Malia. It took a little while and, with the help of mommy’s pretty necklace, we recovered and captured some more cute images!