Keeping Up

November 14, 2012

Mila has three older siblings that she has to keep up with, so when Mommy put her down, and the first thing she did was zoom past me, I was not at all surprised. Or, when Mommy put her on my bench and she turned around and proceeded to stand on it, I was again not surprised.

My favorite part was when we put the birthday cake in front of her. The first thing she did was grab it and demolish it without eating a bite. I thought to myself, “Hmmm…Mila’s got two older brothers who probably like to be destructive…I wonder where she learned that from?!?”

Despite the craziness, Mila also blessed us with smiles, smirks and fun expressions. Again, I’m sure she has mastered these adorable expressions to make sure the attention is on her and not on her awesome older siblings!

Built in Entertainment

May 16, 2012

Mila has three older siblings, who each had a chance to be my assistant and make Mila laugh and smile. Not surprisingly, all three of them were very successful at bringing out the smiles and laughs. They played peek-a-boo, made silly faces, danced, jumped and laughed…all in attempts to get the biggest smiles out of Mila.

When you’ve got such great entertainment on a daily basis, like Mila does, I can only imagine how boring everyone else must seem. It’s obvious that Mila adores her older siblings, and it is just as obvious that they think she’s way cool!!

Being Held

November 29, 2011

As long as Mila was being held and cuddled she was happy as could be. Put her down on her own and she definitely shared with us her dislike for that position.

She wasn’t particular about who was holding her, as long as that someone was a warm body and was snuggling her close. She would grunt her appreciation and make cute faces. She even let us move her around from back, to belly to upright to laying down, she was flexible.

Until we tried to lay her in the bean bag. Then she protested! She wanted nothing to do with being on her own, so being held is what she got!