Not Just Brothers

June 25, 2013

Nick and Luke might be brothers, but they’re also the best of friends. In the short time I got to spend with them, I definitely had a sneak peek into their relationship…and it’s full of laughter, smiles and happy times.

They’re great at making each other laugh! With just a word or phrase, they know what the other one is thinking. They’re not afraid to be silly or goofy, especially if it gets a response out of the other one! They have lots of inside jokes, that are communicated by a look or a raised eyebrow.

They told me they don’t really fight, that the most they might do is some bickering, but that usually ends up in laughter!

With Nick heading off to K-State in the fall, Luke says he’s going to miss Nick…because he can’t drive yet, and Nick is his chauffer…but I’m pretty sure it’s more than that!