Squeals of Joy

September 13, 2013

One year old Weston has found his voice. When he gets really excited about something, he lets out a good squeal…it’s a happy squeal, but it’s nice and loud.

Sister, Olivia, likes to mimic Weston’s squeals. Olivia’s squeals are a bit more higher pitched, but luckily they’re also on the quiet side. I think her high pitch in a loud tone might have driven the dogs a bit crazy!

All in all it was a happy, squeal filled session!

A big squeal for Weston’s first birthday cake!

Fun Times

May 10, 2013

Olivia and Weston’s session was full of giggles and laughs! If it wasn’t Olivia and I acting silly in an attempt to coax smiles out of Weston, it was Olivia and I laughing at each other in an attempt to get non cheesy smiles out of her.

Considering Weston was in need of a nap, and is definitely teething, we could not have asked for a more cooperative little man. He pushed through his tiredness, chewed on his fingers a few times, drooled all over the background, and flashed us some smiles, even showing off the two little bottom teeth that have already popped through!

Olivia patiently waited her turn to jump into the session. I firmly believe she really wanted to steal the spotlight, but she was patient and instead was the perfect assistant for getting great expressions out of Weston. Weston definitely thinks Olivia hung the moon and wherever she went, his eyes followed.

When it was Olivia’s turn, I was greeted with a cheese ball smile! It took lots of conversation and creative thinking to lose the cheese ball! In the end, we ended up with expressions of all kinds, from silly to relaxed to oh my!

A Bribe

August 15, 2012

It took Olivia a little while to warm up to me, but I said the magic words,”Olivia, would you like a sucker?” That was all it took to have this sweet, white haired blonde working the camera.

She twirled and spun. She made funny faces and serious faces. She talked about going to school with her best buds. She talked about her new baby brother and her two puppy dogs. Basically, she talked and she talked and I snapped and I snapped! It was a very light hearted, fun loving session!

In the end, Olivia made off with not one sucker, but two…a pink and a blue…and she was one proud little lady!


July 21, 2011

That’s my word for Olivia! Whether it was expressing her need to see the ponds, by repeating the word “water” and “back to water” about every thirty seconds for the first fifteen minutes of her session. Or, when we took her shoes off outside and she couldn’t get down off the bench, because she needed her shoes. She stated the word “shoes” over and over again!

It really didn’t matter what it was, she’s a pro at stating what she wants over and over, so many times, that she eventually wears you down and you will give in! However, the smile that crosses her face when she’s pleased is worth every penny!


October 26, 2010

Olivia’s first and favorite word is “Baby”! She just loves looking at images of babies! She was in love with all of the big portraits on my walls of babies. She was actually more interested in looking at the babies on the walls then she was of posing for her own first year session.

Never fear, we were able to distract and entertain her long enough to get some adorable Olivia expressions! She even sampled her birthday cake. Which was quite shocking to Mommy, considering Olivia’s previous reaction to a cupcake.

Cousin Love

September 2, 2010

Avery and Olivia are just a few months apart in age. Despite those couple of months, they appear to be almost the same size. Though, if Olivia, the younger of the two, were able to stand, I suspect that she might be taller. With the exception of their size, they are definitely a study in opposites. Olivia with her pale skin, blue eyes and blonde hair. Avery with her tan skin, dark eyes and brown hair. Two cuties for sure, though each in their own way!

Since they don’t spend a ton of time together, they’re still not real sure about each other. They were willing to sit next to each other for quite awhile, but once they started pestering each other, it went downhill quick. A good pinch and a good pull and it was all over!

Another Sigh

April 22, 2010

Olivia was cracking me up at her six month session! Not only is she full of hilarious noises, from grunts, to chatter, to bubbles, but she has this great noise that totally sounds like a sigh! It completely reminds me of an older kid, who just finally has to give in and out comes the humph, “fine” sigh. Olivia gave me the sigh quite often. The “fine, if I must” sigh!

Despite her sighing, she was full of expressions! Even though it took Mommy and me a lot of work to get all of them out…she had lots to share!

Oh, and Evan C, Olivia is in love with you! She just stared and stared at your Name Art on the wall. She finds your eyes very intriguing!

The Year of Newborns

December 21, 2009

I was working on organizing some of my favorite images of the year when it occurred to me that I photographed quite a few new little ones this year. So, we looked it up – I photographed 14 newborns this year!

Though you have to have a vast amount of patience and time to photograph newborns, it is one of my most favorite ages. They are just so tiny, precious and moldable!

Each one of my little ones is amazing and unique. Some have hair, even very dark hair, and some have no hair. Some arrive all chunky and pudgy, while others are skinny and scrawny. Some are obsessed with having their hands by their faces, while others are more relaxed and sprawled out.

Of course, almost every one of them “marks their territory” in my studio! (Usually in more ways than one!)

In the end, we end up with adorable images of these teeny, tiny creatures.

I can’t wait to watch and capture all of them as they grow and change! I have the best “job” in the entire world!

Snuggle Bugg

October 7, 2009

Olivia’s favorite position is curled into a little ball, laying on Mommy’s chest or up at her shoulder. So, of course, we had to start her off on her belly. You could tell she just loved it! At one point, she curled up into a snug little ball. It was adorable! As Mom stated, that’s probably what she looked like in the womb just a few days ago! All in all, Olivia was a rock star, working the cuteness factor!