Fur Balls

December 27, 2012

Miss Phoebe was not too thrilled when fur balls Kali & Kole joined her family! At 10 and 12 weeks old, they were already bigger than Phoebe. I’m sure she’s fully aware that they are nowhere near done growing!

Kali & Kole, on the other hand, are quite happy to have joined Phoebe’s family. Not only do they find her very intriguing, but they love having each other to play with and wrestle. Their days consist of lots of playtime, followed by some serious sleepy time!

Mommy’s definitely going to have her hands full with these two. They are expected to grow up to 75 pounds. At the time of photos they were around 13…eek!

(I heard the other day that Phoebe actually joined in some playtime with her two crazy siblings! Sounds like there was lots of running, chasing and maybe even some wrestling…although Phoebe was quick to let everyone know when she had had enough!)