Finally, the Sun!

July 11, 2010

May and June were just horrible months for outdoor portrait sessions. Any time there was a date that worked with our schedules, it was raining, or had just been raining so hard the ground was soaking wet! It was so frustrating! We were really starting to wonder if we were ever going to be able to make it work.

Of course the entire day before, it stormed and poured, but for once luck was on our side. By late morning, the sun had come out and was shining brightly down. It dried up the ground and added just a little warmth to the air. It was the perfect night for some dancing, smiling and family love!

Loving Baby Rachel

August 19, 2008

Miss Rachel is adored by her family! She is definitely the center of their world. From the minute they walked in the door, everyone was loving on her, admiring her and making her smile. Rachel just eats it up!

Baby Number Four is On the Way

November 30, 2007

Baby "George", as big sister calls him, will be making an appearance pretty soon! He’ll be entering a great family, with three awesome older siblings. Mom and Dad haven’t found out the sex of the baby, content to wait until "he" arrives. When I polled the kids, Bret said he wants a brother, Sarah wants a sister and Zach is indifferent! It will be fun to find out if baby number four is a boy or a girl!