Rolling With It

April 30, 2013

That was the theme of our session! When it comes to kiddos, you can have the best intentions and the perfect plans, but all of those plans and intentions get thrown out the window the minute reality sets in!

Of course, the part you have to realize is that reality actually makes for some amazing images and some priceless moments that you may not have gotten if you had not embraced reality!

Moments like big brother, Taylor, reading to his little sister, Sophia, from her favorite book!

Moments like the boys of the family, laughing and smiling together.

Moments like Sophia planting a big, huge smooch right on her Mommy’s lips.

When you roll with it, you never know what you will get! It’s a good lesson to learn and it’s a good lesson to remember, not just in photography, but in life too!