Chubby Cheeks!

January 8, 2013

At birth, Wesley weighed in at almost 8.5 pounds. Given that he only measured in at 19.5 inches, his good healthy weight made for some excellent chubby cheeks, arms and thighs!

I’m sure the chubbiness is just going to keep coming. Wesley is a great eater…chugging down bottles right and left!

Now, he just needs to learn how to sleep through all the commotion that comes along with having an older brother! Wesley was very sensitive during his session, quick to startle and very opinionated about the location of his hands. If his hands were not near his face, he was not going to cooperate…no ifs, ands or buts!


May 11, 2011

Over the years that I have been photographing Tanner, we have had great sessions and we have had challenging sessions. There seems to be a pattern to it: he’ll have a good session, followed by a difficult session, followed by a good session. So, I guess, I should have been prepared!

Tanner came out a few weeks ago to participate in our Bed Head Kids event, and he worked the camera like a pro! He was super cooperative, showing off his fun Spidi-Man outfit and really got into it.

This time, for his birthday session, he was Mister Stubborn! He did not want anything to do with anything. He was not interested in bribes, treats, toys…nothing! It made for quite the challenging session! I would get a couple of snaps and then he’d put his back to me, or he’d hide his face on the ground. It was an ongoing circle of a short burst of cooperation, followed by a longer burst of stubbornness!

Luckily, the short bursts of cooperation were all I needed to capture some adorable three year old Tanner images!

A Bed Head Success!

April 17, 2011

Our Bed Head Kids event turned out to be a perfect Sunday! The temperatures were nice and, even though there was a period of grey skies and some crazy wind, everyone made it into the studio safe, sound and dry!

We had a variety of participants…including a rock star, a soccer player, a monkey, a princess, and a even a fireman, just to name a few. Everyone was dressed in their best, with the necessary accessories, and even a little hair color dye!

It was fun to let them all be loose and goofy! I got roared at 100 times. I danced like a monkey. But best of all, I had fun! There were tons of laughs, smiles and fun kid poses!

I hope these images put smiles on your faces!

Super Soccer Star Grace

Madison the Rock Star (or Justin Bieber Fan!)

Silly Monkey Boy Dominic

Tough & Sassy Gal Sophia

Garrett the Jokester!

Izzy the Angel of the Rainbow

The Strong & Silent Fireman, Gabe

ROARRRR! It’s Matthew the Friendly Dragon!

Princess Abby is Ready for Her Wedding Day

For Reagan it’s All About the Accessories


Pink, Pink & More Pink for Princess Abby

Facebook Contest Winners!

February 10, 2011

I can’t say thank you enough to everyone who participated in our End of Year Favorite Photo Facebook contest! This last week has been so much fun: watching the votes accumulate, reading everyone’s comments about their favorite kiddos, seeing the intense facebook campaigning for more votes…all in all it’s been a blast!

The WINNER of our Babies Contest is…Baby Vivie!! Congratulations Vivie!! You are our 2010 Babies Contest Favorite!!

The WINNER of our Kiddos Contest is…Micah!! Congratulations Micah!! You are our 2010 Kiddos Contest Favorite!!

I am so overjoyed by the response that we received from the competition, that I just can’t let our other top runner-ups walk away empty handed! We’ve decided, in addition to Vivie and Micah taking first place, and receiving 10×10 Designer Canvas Wrap Portraits, to also reward our two second place winners!

Second place in the Babies contest goes to Ava and Her Furry Friends! She will be receiving an 8×8 Designer Canvas Wrap Portrait!

Second place in the Kiddos contest goes to Tanner! He will also be receiving an 8×8 Designer Canvas Wrap Portrait!

Thanks again to everyone who participated and voted!


November 23, 2010

At two and a half, not surprisingly, Tanner has a mind of his own. He was totally okay with cooperating for family photos for a couple of minutes, but as soon as we went to make a change, he decided that he was done! He was ready to leave. He wanted to see the cows and the horses, anything but have his photo taken.

It took some bribing, and some pleading, and some game playing, but we got through it! Whether he wanted to or not, we captured family, individuals and even some Cowboy Tanner!

Nice try, Tanner! Even if you think you run the show, the truth is, “You’re not done until we say you’re done!”

Steppin’ Up!

September 26, 2010

I first have to say a huge thank you to everyone who joined us at the Step Up for Down Syndrome Walk this past Saturday! For our second year of hosting our own team, I could not be more proud! We had a cool two dozen walk participations…that’s right, 24 awesome folks walked with the Photography by Brandi team to help us promote awareness and acceptance of people with Down syndrome.

Not only that, but as a team, between registration and donations, we raised $2,030…you rock team!

The day could not have started out more perfect! Blue skies, no wind, nice temperatures! Though, the clouds to the West seemed ominous, and everyone wondered if rain was on it’s way, we stayed nice and dry. The sun was in and out a little bit, but the wind stayed mild, with just a nice breeze to keep us cool.

There was ice cream to be eaten. Popsicles to be devoured. Hamburgers, brats, fruit and chips to fill up bellies! Rock walls were climbed. Bouncers were conquered. Success was seen at the bean bag toss, when it wasn’t being used as a lounger!?! Fun, smiles and laughing were in abundance!

Yes, that’s me with my Starbucks. Thank you Tracy!! That definitely helped with the 5 AM wake up…to be out the door by o’dark thirty!

During the one mile stroll around Arrowhead, Tanner kept our team moving! He held onto our banner and marched us straight ahead. Setting a great pace that kept even the adults moving!

Of course, about half way through, Tanner felt that he had successfully led his team to victory and it was time for a victory nap!

Lily made it the entire mile with only her two little feet and lots of adult encouragement!

Riah got to ride on Daddy’s shoulders more than once!

Baby Liam even joined in the walk! Though I think he had the best deal. He successfully slept through all the noise and excitement of the walk, while being carried by Mommy!

I could not have asked for a better day, a better group of people surrounding me or a better organization to be supporting! Thank you to everyone!!

Name Art News

June 4, 2010

I’m so excited! Our new Name Art product has been a huge hit! I’ve already created quite a few unique Name Art pieces for some personalized bedroom art!

I have heard, from a few clients, some concern over how many panels they would need to order to fit their child’s name. I want to put that concern to rest. We can easily fit more than one letter on a panel!

So, no worries! It’s doesn’t matter how long your kiddos name is, we can make it work!

Busy Body

May 8, 2010

As is typical for two year olds, Tanner is certainly a busy body! He stays in one place for about 30 seconds and then he’s off to check something else out. Mommy would chase, and I would be ready with a quick trigger finger. He’d give me a look or two and then get distracted and off he’d go!

The most distracting thing was bugs. We had a fly in the studio with us, which meant that every time Tanner saw the fly, he had to stop what he was doing and focus on the buggy. Then he saw the buggies on the outside of the window…of boy were they interesting!

Despite the distractions and the bugs, we were still able to get lots of different expressions out of Tanner! He’s working on mastering his serious, surprise, happy and sad! Though I got to see a few glimpses, I expect by next year, he’s going to have all of these and more perfectly mastered!


November 10, 2009

This past October was a bummer in terms of being a pretty fall. There were a couple of nice days, but they were pretty far and few between. We just had to work with what we had!

The day of Tanner’s session was not great, but it was workable. The cold temps barely phased Tanner, he was ready to run and play. We just had to be close by to make sure he didn’t go splat on the soggy ground. Tanner became a little ball obsessed, when he decided that the twenty hedge apples on the ground near us were balls!

Despite his red nose and frozen fingers, Tanner showed off his big eyes, gorgeous eyelashes and adorable smiles and expressions!

Surrounded by Ladies!

August 12, 2009

Tanner is one lucky man! He has three beautiful ladies at his beck and call! Between Grandma, Mommy and Aunt Carrie, I don’t know who spoils him more! But with those big eyes and that cute, curly hair, how could you not just fall under his spell!

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