Squeals of Joy

September 13, 2013

One year old Weston has found his voice. When he gets really excited about something, he lets out a good squeal…it’s a happy squeal, but it’s nice and loud.

Sister, Olivia, likes to mimic Weston’s squeals. Olivia’s squeals are a bit more higher pitched, but luckily they’re also on the quiet side. I think her high pitch in a loud tone might have driven the dogs a bit crazy!

All in all it was a happy, squeal filled session!

A big squeal for Weston’s first birthday cake!

Fun Times

May 10, 2013

Olivia and Weston’s session was full of giggles and laughs! If it wasn’t Olivia and I acting silly in an attempt to coax smiles out of Weston, it was Olivia and I laughing at each other in an attempt to get non cheesy smiles out of her.

Considering Weston was in need of a nap, and is definitely teething, we could not have asked for a more cooperative little man. He pushed through his tiredness, chewed on his fingers a few times, drooled all over the background, and flashed us some smiles, even showing off the two little bottom teeth that have already popped through!

Olivia patiently waited her turn to jump into the session. I firmly believe she really wanted to steal the spotlight, but she was patient and instead was the perfect assistant for getting great expressions out of Weston. Weston definitely thinks Olivia hung the moon and wherever she went, his eyes followed.

When it was Olivia’s turn, I was greeted with a cheese ball smile! It took lots of conversation and creative thinking to lose the cheese ball! In the end, we ended up with expressions of all kinds, from silly to relaxed to oh my!

Some Like It Hot

August 16, 2012

It was 100 degrees outside, but I was running the space heater inside! The bonus to hot weather is that it’s easy to heat the studio to the perfect temperature for a newborn session…a toasty 86 degrees.

I started out with a warm studio, but I could tell that Weston was happiest when the space heater was blowing lightly on him, so we went for a hot studio. Even though there was sweat dripping from every part of my body, that space heater was blowing.

It made for a very content, happy Weston! Which made for a very fun session!