Performing for the Camera

August 8, 2012

Despite the lack of both his morning naps and the impending arrival of molars, William found a way to pull through, smile and laugh during the majority of his session!

Of course, he also entertained us with some good crying images (working the real tears and the fake tears), an excellent pooping face (resulting in a very stinky studio), and even a few serious expressions! However, by far, his most common face was his smile. His open mouthed, showing off bottom teeth, sparkling eyes smile!

William was definitely at his best when he had the attention of Mommy, Daddy and myself. He basked in the glory of being the center of attention and worked it with every ounce of his being!

Hard Work

February 8, 2012

As William will tell you, it’s hard work being a baby model!

First, they want you to sit up tall, so you have to work your core muscles and perfect your balance, so you don’t fall over. Then, they lay you down on your back and all you want to do is try and sit up, so you’re working your ab muscles…William has totally mastered the hollow man move! Then they put you on your belly and you have to work your neck muscles to try holding your head up.

All of those physical moves and then they still expect you to smile and look cute!

We wore William out! He did a little bit of everything and when he was done, he was sure to let us know!

It’s A Boy!

July 25, 2011

Mommy and Daddy didn’t know what they were having when William made his appearance. First, out came that beautiful head of hair, with it’s very own highlights followed by the evidence that he was a boy!

Oh, my goodness, is he a boy! He is full of grunts, burps and funny noises! They’re all, of course, absolutely adorable, because they’re very tiny and somewhat petite…but they’re also very much all boy!

Then there’s his self made poses; quite provocative and not at all modest! I did not capture any of those, despite the fact that he insisted on striking them frequently!

I think this cutie pie is going to have many ladies wrapped around his finger!