All In One

November 15, 2013

Take an on-the-go, 18 Month Old, add multiple outfit changes, request for eye contact and cute expressions and what do you get…a whirlwind of a session! Will went from happy and excited to angry and frustrated to proud and loud to tired and sad to ornery and mischievous! Mommy, Daddy and I experience every emotion right along with him!

When it comes to this age, you just have to roll with it! That’s exactly what we did!

Happy, Happy Man

April 22, 2013

Four outfit changes along with silly adults trying to get his attention and not letting him explore could not ruin Will’s good mood! We could not have asked for a more cooperative, happy, go with the flow little man!

Over the past year and the many portrait sessions capturing Will’s growth and changes, I have come to expect the many faces of Will! He did not disappoint! Although I did not get any sad or mad faces this time, I had lots of open mouth smiles, smirks and quirks!

Just spending time with Will makes me smile! He smiles and laughs so easily and now he’s started jabbering and talking up a storm. While the only words I caught were Mama and Dada, I know his jabbering is full of stories. I just can’t wait for the day that I can understand them!


November 26, 2012

That definitely sums up my feelings by the end of Will’s session. Will was having a bit of an off day the morning of his session. We weren’t sure if it was the fact that he was teething, or we had messed up his nap or if he really just wanted to be on his own doing his own thing. One thing was for sure, we were not interesting to him!

He spent a good part of the session looking around the room, checking everything out, rubbing his hand across the floor feeling the different textures and trying to stick his hand or his outfit in his mouth. Basically anything and everything except interacting with me, his Mommy or his Daddy.

But that never stops us from trying! With lots of work, trial and error, a milk snack, some playtime and just some luck, we were able to figure out what made Will feel the most comfortable and then we ran with it…getting smiles and the now expected, patented, funny faced, Will!

Just a Few Faces

September 4, 2012

Will was a face maker at his newborn session…from pouty lips, to smirky smiles, to funny faces, he brought them all out when he was just a few days old.

So is it any wonder that, at four months old, his faces repertoire has increased! His entire session had me laughing, because if it wasn’t an open mouth catching flies, it was bubbles or raised eyebrows or pursed lips.

Let’s just say, he may not know any words yet, but he’s a talker!

I’m so jealous of Will’s eye lashes! Why is it that boys always get the best lashes?!?

Mister Opinionated

May 9, 2012

At just ten days old, Will has a strong opinion and just like his name a strong “will”.

Although he was great at sleeping in my arms, when I would put him down, he would squirm and flinch. I would get him adjusted just like I wanted, turn away to grab my camera and he’d throw his arm up and flop it somewhere else, making me start the adjustment process all over.

He was the master at making faces! Although he made lots of cute smiley faces, he also had the scowl and the grimace faces down cold! If I adjusted him a way that he didn’t like, he was sure to throw out that bottom lip, or lift the upper lip in a grimace.

He may have had a strong will, but I have lots of patience, and my ability to wait him out broke his will more than once…resulting in adorable images of a teeny tiny Will!