Mister Smiles

July 26, 2012

Xander has the best smiles. He’s got small smiles. He’s got smirky smiles. He’s got nervous smiles. He’s got big laughing smiles. He’s got cheesy smiles. Whichever one he flashes, they each have their own meaning and speak volumes!

It always takes me by surprise when he flashes me a serious expression. Although I do love his serious expression…without the smile, he’s big eyes do all the talking.

Never fear, the serious expressions don’t stick around for long…they’re quickly replaced by big cheesy grins!


November 1, 2011

This session has an interesting story!

It started out as a beautiful day…blue skies, big white fluffy clouds, a slight breeze. It was in the middle of October and we had been rain free for at least a couple of weeks. There was a warning for severe storms in the area, but when you looked outside it was just perfect. Where were these storms going to come from?

As their session crept closer, I started to hear thunder. I looked at the radar and there was rain north of us, but it looked to be clear for us for awhile. The skies were blue and the sun was shining.

They arrived, stating that they had driven through some rain, so we quickly got down to business. We finished one family pose and I felt a rain drop. I looked up and it looked a bit grey, but the sun was still shining. Before we could even think about what to do, the skies opened up and dumped on us!

We hunkered down under a tree, trying to stay dry. If we had made a run for the house, we knew we would be drenched. We hoped it was just going to be a quick shower and be done. We weren’t so lucky. It just started raining harder and harder. At this point, we were all dripping wet, so running for the house wasn’t really going to change anything.

We headed for the house and took shelter on the porch. Just in time! The next thing we know, hail is falling from the sky.

I was optimistic that we could find a way to get a few more images out of this session. We took towels and dried everyone off…including big, furry Kuma! I threw the sweaters in the dryer and we waited for the rain to stop.

It did, and out we went. Wet grass, intermittent clouds and sun and even a few lingering sprinkles, but we worked through it, and in the end, it all paid off!

Found the On Switch!

July 19, 2011

I’ve been photographing Xander since he was a newborn, so he definitely knows who I am and I think he’s comfortable with me, but he’s always been a bit of a shy, quiet, reserved guy.

Ever since he’s been able to talk, I’ve been lucky to draw a word or two out of him. Usually it’s me asking question after question, and usually it’s a silent reply, like the shaking of a head, or big sister Kenzie answers for him. He’s never been one to volunteer information.

Well, four years was the magic number! It was still a lot of me asking question after question, but he was answering with long sentences and branching into other areas of discussion, volunteering information! It was great!!

Beautiful Day

October 21, 2010

After dealing with a weird September, including crazy winds, rainy days, lots of clouds, cold and hot temperatures, the day of this session could not have been more perfect!

It was warm, but not hot! There was just a tiny breeze that would blow every once in awhile. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky.

Add some adorable faces, and one adorable doggy, and you have a beautiful day for a family session!

Not So Much

July 20, 2010

Xander’s older sister, Kenzie, is a photo lover! She has a blast coming out for her birthday sessions and loves posing for the camera. Xander…not so much!

Xander has always been a little on the shy and quiet side, so I know it’s hard for him to be the center of attention during his session. He would much prefer it that Kenzie take over that role, while he stood by and watched. Unfortunately for him, that was not in the plans. It was Xander’s third birthday and we needed to capture the big man that he has become all by himself!

With some bribing, some joking, some Mommy loving and some patience, we were able to pull out some of that great Xander personality! He’s got such a great giggle and laugh that, when he shares it with you, just makes you smile!

Family Portraits

October 22, 2009

At first, it seemed like the elements were going to be against us. Our original date, for an outdoor fall family session, turned out to be a gloomy, rain impending evening. So we decided to reschedule for a few days later. That morning started out gloomy, with soaking, wet ground and fierce, chilly winds.

Something must have worked in our favor, though! By the time the evening rolled around, the sun was out in full force, the winds had calmed down and the temps felt fairly mild. We got a few wet knees in the process, but for the most part, everything went off without a hitch!


July 21, 2009

Lately, we have been over run with bunnies! At almost any time, you can look out the window and see bunnies hopping along.

Shortly after Xander arrived for his session, he looked out the window and there was a bunny hopping down the path. He was mesmerized! He just stood and stared. Then he looked the other way and there were two bunnies playing in the grass. He was frozen, gasping and pointing! Bunnies…he was in love! For the entire rest of the session we were looking for bunnies, under the chair, in the chair, wherever we could find them!


February 9, 2009

I was completely prepared to have a crazy morning with Xander. When I had last seen him, in the fall for family portraits, he was all over the place. Running away, climbing off the bench and not wanting to sit still at all! That was what I expecting the morning of his 18 month session. That is not what happened at all!

Xander was completely reserved and shy, clinging to mommy’s leg. Throughout the entire session, he would give me the sweetest, most angelic looks and smiles. The crazy, running away Xander, was nowhere to be found. It made for a much easier session, but I’m sure this just means we are in for it at his two year session!

Family Portraits

November 6, 2008

This time of year is always very popular for Family portraits! They make great holiday gifts and fabulous holiday cards. A lot of times, we'll try to go outside. Other times, in-studio makes for awesome images, too!

This fall, we have been fairly lucky with the weather. Almost every outdoor session that I had planned worked out perfectly, which is not usually the case. Especially with the weird weather year we've been having.

Due to the popularity of this time of year, my schedule gets booked up quickly. It's never too early to start thinking about next year! If you are interested in having a family session next fall, drop me an email or give me a call. I will put you on my calendar, and when I start scheduling for next fall (probably in late spring/early summer) I'll give you a call.

Deliberate & Methodical

July 15, 2008

To Mommy’s surprise, Xander did not tear into his birthday cake. He studied it, tested it, and slowly and purposely ate it! His movements were very deliberate and methodical. After a few minutes of testing and checking, Xander would look up at us and break into a huge grin. With five little teeth, and a sixth one on the way, you can’t help but laugh and smile at Xander’s grins.

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