From Hot to Cold

December 17, 2013

Ah, two year olds…they are an unique species! Miss Zeiva has the ability to go from hot to cold in the snap of a finger. She can be jumping up and down cheering in one second, and the next second she can be on the floor throwing a tantrum! Unfortunately, for Zeiva, tantrums never work on me…instead they make me laugh. They’re almost always ridiculously dramatic and quite entertaining!

Luckily, if you can distract Zeiva with a new topic or idea, she’s able to shake off the bad and return to the good. Although she frequently thought my jokes and sayings were lame, so instead of laughing at me, she would just give me her serious look. In the end, we all survived the session and we captured a wide variety of Zevia, the two year old!

Wobbly Walker

December 14, 2012

Zeiva is walking, but she’s a little bit unsteady and it’s not necessarily her first choice for getting across the room. So, when we wanted to get a photo of her standing all on her own, the first thing she did was protest and sit down! Eventually I figured out that if we started singing paddy cake, she would get distracted and start clapping while standing all on her own.

Of course, anytime she was doing paddy cake or walking, she was making the craziest faces. No smiles, just focused, full concentration faces. To top it off, I think when she is focused on something really hard, she sticks her tongue out of the side of her mouth.

Check Out Those Cheeks!

January 10, 2012

Newborn babies always amaze me! They all have their own unique features. Some have chubby features and some have skinny features. Some have round faces, some have oval faces. Some are hairy, some are hairless. Some have fair skin that turns red when they cry and some have dark skin that even models would envy. Some have big hands and some have little hands. Even though they’re all only a few days old, each newborn that walks in the door brings their own uniqueness!

Zeiva brought in the round cheeks, the chubby thighs, the full head of crazy hair, short little eyelashes, hands and feet that she hated having messed with, and the best part, an easy going laid back disposition!